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Monday, May 4, 2015

June Beauty Quartet Box

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Happy Monday/Star Wars Day!  May the 4th Be With You, Always.

C'moooooooon, I had to!!  My whole family is crazy about the Star Wars movies, especially my brother :)

Today I've got a review of June's Beauty Quartet Box from Philly Loves Lacquer!

For those of you who don't know what this is, the Beauty Quartet Box is a subscription box that is available every two months with a pre-order open for 15 days the month prior to the release month.  There are four indie polish makers that contribute items to the box, typically one polish and one extra.  This month, the theme is "Grease" and the contributors are Philly Loves Lacquer (obviously :D ), Dollish PolishSmokey Mountain Lacquers, and Gothic Gala Lacquers.

Let's take a look at the Philly Loves Lacquer contributions first!

PLL contributed two polishes - the first is "Summer Lovin'" - a lovely light pink creme with a holographic shimmer.

The second is a super fun dense glitter topper with pink holo, black flower, and other various sized and colored glitters.

These two polishes are really fun separately AND together!  They each applied very well, Summer Lovin' is opaque in 2-3 coats depending on how thick you apply it, and Had Me A Blast spread out nice and evenly with little clumping.

Next up is the Dollish Polish contributions:

Dollish Polish included a cucumber melon scented cuticle balm, and a polish called "Beauty School Dropout:"

Beauty School Dropout is a very, very light pink creme polish with pastel green and grey glitter throughout, as well as a light pink shimmer.  This polish is opaque in 2-3 coats, again depending on how thick you apply it.

Next up are the Smokey Mountain Lacquer contributions!

Smokey Mountain Lacquers included two polishes, the first being "Better Shape Up:"

You can tell she drew her inspiration for this stunner from the bright red lipstick Sandy's character is wearing in the end of the film when singing the Better Shape Up song!  This polish is a gorgeous red creme with a red and subtle gold shimmer throughout.  Opaque in 2 coats!!

The other polish contribution is her Holo Topcoat, which I layered once over Better Shape Up:

One coat was all that was needed to rainbow bling this polish out!  It's one of the best holo topcoats I've ever seen.

And finally we have the Gothic Gala Lacquer contributions!

She included a "Sex on the Beach" tropical scented non-drying remover, and "Wop Bam Boom:"

Wop Bam Boom is a ridiculously sparkly microglitter bomb polish full of holographic, black, pink, and other various microglitters!  This full-coverage beauty is opaque in 2 coats and applies very smoothly.  It dries slightly textured, so a good thick topcoat should make it nice and smooth, and really make that holo pop.

The Ups:  These polishes are so fun, and you can totally see the Grease inspirations in each of the polishes!  All the products are good quality - the non-drying remover is a favorite of mine because I love how good it leaves my skin feeling after taking the polish off, and you can see how hydrated my cuticles are after using the remover.  The polishes all had fantastic, easy-to-work-with formulas.  The only advice I have about them is to definitely make sure you let them get to room temperature before using them.  Here in Phoenix, it's been 90+ degrees all week, and was almost 100 the day I got the box.  If you open and use the polish too soon you could alter the consistency of the polish - so if it's really hot and you don't let them cool down, they could become REALLY goopy.  So, just keep that in mind ^_^

The Downs:  I don't have any "downs" about this box with regards to quality or value - for the amount and types of products you receive, it's a great deal!  The only "downs" for me was that some of the polishes aren't my personal favorites, but that's an opinion ;) 

Overall:  This is an awesome box!!  I love that it's not a sub box that requires subscriptions for months at a time.  It's really nice to have that "freedom."  I love the variety of products, and the quality!  A+ 

Because the boxes were sent out a little behind schedule to bloggers and swatchers, Philly Loves Lacquer is extending the pre-order period by five days, so you can pre-order the box from now until May 20th.  The subscription is $50 but limited to 50 boxes, so if you want it, I suggest you get it now!!  You can purchase is HERE.

So what do you think of this beauty box?  Have you purchased one of the Beauty Quartet Boxes before?


Box sent to me for swatch and review purposes.  Opinions remain my own and are 100% honest.


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