Monday, September 26, 2016

Gothic Gala Lacquers Burlesque Girls Collection

***Press Sample***


Y'.  ALL.

This collection is amazing.  AMAZING!!

I'm not even gonna say anything else, I'm just gonna let the swatches speak for themselves!

I lied - I'm gonna say two more things:

1. This collection is a re-vamped version or her original Burlesque Girls - this one has more holoooooooooooo!!!

2. In all but one set of swatches I am wearing two coats of the polish plus a topcoat.

Onto the Holo Glory!!

First up: Opal Jamila

Direct Sunlight
Opal Jamila is a white pearlescent polish with holographic flakies.  This is the only polish I used 3 thin coats instead of 2 normal coats, because it was the only one that was a tiny bit thick, and a little less opaque and I didn't want any VNL.

Next up: Sassy Citrine

Sassy Citrine is a yellow gold holo polish.  This is definitely one of the smoother gold holos I've come across, but you do want to be mindful of your brush strokes.

Next up: Lili St. Cyr

Lili St. Cyr is a gorgeous Kelly green holo with subtle blue micro flakies - which are AMAZING and really add to the flare!

Next: Misty Bon Bon

Misty Bon Bon is a lovely teal holo with subtle green micro flakies - again, really adding to that flare in the holo.

Next we have: Dannie Diesel 

Dannie Diesel is a very beautiful medium sky blue with subtle blue micro flakies, and it is diviiiiiiiiine!!!  It is such a brilliant blue, definitely a must-have, and my second favorite in the collection!

Next: Krystal Sparkle

Krystal Sparkle is a deep blue holo jelly with various sizes and shapes of holo glitters throughout.  This was, in my experience, one of the easier jellies with glitter to apply - I didn't have to "encourage" certain larger pieces of glitter to spread out and not clump.  It applied very well and evenly!

Next: Perle Noir

Perle Noir is a dusty blue holo polish with subtly purple micro flakies.  Those flakies really give this polish character, and make it look almost purple in some lighting - I love it!

Next up: Sinfully Stephanie

Sinfully Stephanie, a beautiful blurple polish with a strong holographic effect, is a must have for all the purple lovers out there.  It is so gorgeous and vampy - it's just perfect, and an excellent darker choice for the changing season!

Next: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is a Berry holo polish and is another jaw dropper in the sunlight - I mean, just look at that flame!!! Unnf!!!

And lastly we have: Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee is a rose pink holo polish with subtle pink micro flakies.  I'm not usually a fan of pink, but I love that this one is just a but on the dustier side, which made it so perfect for me and my skin tone, as well as for the Fall Season (hey - Fall's not just about brown, orange, and yellow, mmkay?).

This gorgeous Burlesque Girls collection is available NOW!  And you have until about 8pm PST to get it before it is gone forever - that's right, it absolutely pains me to say that Gothic Gala Lacquers will be closing her doors :(  She's holding a HUGE 50% off sale right now - use the code CLOSING at check out.  She wanted me to add that she reserves the right to end the sale early if she runs out of supplies - wouldn't make sense for her to have to buy more when she's closing up shop.

I do urge you to still follow her, especially on Instagram, as she may be dipping her toes into the swatching waters, and from the nail art I've seen her do thus far, she's definitely a person you're gonna want to follow!!!


Polish was sent to me by the maker for photography purposes and an honest review, which I have provided above with full disclosure.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Pretty Beautiful Football Frenzy Collection

***Press Sample***


Tis the season where I have no idea what team is who - except the Hawks, of course.  

Yeah, That's Right - I Have a Holo Hawks Logo On My Rear Windshield :D  Courtesy of Fairytale Finish <3

I proudly represent the 12th Man here in Phoenix - and I've seen lots of others down here, too, so I'm not alone!!

So you can imagine my excitement when Pretty Beautiful asked me to swatch some of her new Football Frenzy Collection, and two of the polishes were SEAHAWKS.  HAWK YEAH!!  

Let's get down to some swatches already!  Please note that in all the photos, I am wearing two coats plus topcoat.

First up is the Auburn colors: Iron Bowl 

Iron Bowl is a gorgeous deep navy blue jelly packed with orange glitters and a subtle holographic shimmer.  It's divine, and I love it!!  It's so squishy!!

The second polish in the Auburn Duo is "War Eagle:"

War Eagle is a bright orange with a gold shimmer and orange glitters throughout.  It is really fun, and outside of football, it is the *perfect* fall/Halloween orange :D

Next duo is for the Broncos.  The first is: "No Fly Zone"

No Fly Zone is a fantastic blue polish with a rainbow of metallic flakies and a gorgeous blue shimmer.  This is my second favorite polish of all the duos sent to me - it's just beautiful!  

The second polish of the Broncos Duo: "Orange Crush"

Orange Crush is a super fun crelly packed with various sized orange and blue glitters, as well as a beautiful orange shimmer.  As crellies go, this is defnitely in my top five - application was so smooth and the glitters cooperated - even the BAR GLITTERS.  Love it!

And finally we have the Seahawks Duo!  First up: "Legion of Boom"

Y'all know I love me some green polish.  So imagine how much I love this one :D  Legion of Boom is a fantastic bright, almost neon green packed with flakies and a fantastic blue glitter shimmer.  I LOVE it - this is my favorite in the whole collection.  My fingers GLOWED!  

And the second polish of the Seahawks Duo is: "12th Man"

12th Man is a super fun glitter topper packed with various blue, green, yellow, white, and flakie glitters.  It has great coverage in just two coats, and for the most part the glitters didn't need any extra encouragement to fall into place.  I am wearing 2 coats on my pointer and pinky fingers, but I sponged it on my middle and ring fingers in order to get more coverage.  It's a very unique glitter topper in all the good ways :)

And of course...I painted the Seahawks logo ^_^

So where can you purchase these?  These and the rest of the Football Frenzy Collection launch today at 7pm CST, and you can find them here:

What do you think of these three team duos?  Would love to hear your thoughts below!


Polishes were sent to me by the maker in exchange for photos and an honest review.