Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MOD Lacquer Colors!

***Press Sample***

Last year a new indie launched called MOD Lacquer, and it was one of those brands you just knew was going to do well just after one launch - and boy did it!  MOD Lacquer has created some absolutely beautiful polishes!!  And as of two weeks ago, I was contacted by the creator, and had the tremendous honor of swatching a few of MOD Lacquer's beauties to show you today!

Note: All the polishes were applied in two thin coats with one coat of KBShimmer's Clearly On Top.

Let's start with one that was recently launched and is part of the Electrified Collection - "Deviate"

Apologies if my skin looks a little sick - this neon pink/purple was not cooperating with my camera at ALL, and kept coming out more light purple than the pinky purple it is in real life - so I fought with my photo editor to get color-accurate photos of the polish at the expense of my skin tone :P

ANYWHO - Deviate is a really fun and popping pink/purple neon creme, and I have seen other nail artists create several successful water marbles using this neon and others from the collection!  Watermarbling neons are always a super huge plus in my book :)

Next up is "Golden Sunbeam:"

Golden Sunbeam is a gorgeous metallic gold polish with microfine gold holo glitter.  This one applied so very smoothly, too - like a dream!

Next is "Aerodynamic:"

Aerodynamic is a lovely turquoise blue with a scattered holographic effect, and also applies very smoothly!

Last but not least is "American Dreams:"

American Dreams is a divine bright red nail polish with a golden sparkle/shimmer throughout.  Best part?  Not a stainer ;)  I love a good red that doesn't stain!

Every one of these polishes impressed me.  Even though every one of them had a different formula and finish/effect, they all applied smoothly, evenly, were opaque in 2 coats, and dried in under five minutes.  That's incredible!  The consistency just completely impresses me, and I'm definitely sold - this indie just made my Top 5 faves.

You can purchase each of those polishes at the links I provided in the names of each polish.  You can also browse the many, many more beauties MOD Lacquer has to offer on their Etsy site Here, and you can follow the brand's Facebook Page and Instagram Account to stay up-to-date on current and upcoming products.

I'd love to know what YOU think of these polishes!  Have you ever purchased from this brand before?


Polishes were sent to me by the maker for review and press - opinions are my own and remain 100% honest.

Gothic Gala Lacquers Victorian Collection

***Press Sample***

Samantha over at Gothic Gala Lacquers is at it again with another gorgeous collection that just knocks it out of the ball park!  Her new collection is called the Victorian collection and is comprised of antique tones with names that are Victorian slang phrases and dirty words :D  Let's get to them!

Note: All polishes are shown in two coats with KBShimmer Clearly on Top topcoat on all nails except the ring finger, which has a matte topcoat.  All applied smoothly and dried in under five minutes to a semi-shiny/satin finish.

First: Bit O' Jam (Pretty Woman)

Bit O' Jam is a lovely periwinkle color with a beautiful subtle holographic shimmer throughout.

Second: Cupid's Kettle Drums (Boooooooobs)

Cupid's Kettle Drums is a soft rose pink with a subtle holographic shimmer throughout.

Third: Dash My Wig (Exclamation, like "Oh My!")

Dash My Wig is a light grey with a subtle holographic shimmer throughout as well as small dark grey flecks.

Fourth: Gas Pipes (Tight Trousers)

Gas Pipes is a very light pistachio/mint green with light green flecks and a subtle holographic shimmer throughout.

Fifth: Gigglemug (Smiling Face)

Gigglemug is a lovely medium blue with darker blue small glitter flecks and a holographic shimmer throughout.

Sixth: Tight as a Boiled Owl (Drunk)

Tight as a Boiled Owl is a deep chocolate brown with a stronger holographic and gold shimmer throughout.

Overall, these polishes are fantastic!!  The only one that tended to be somewhat of a trouble maker was Gas Pipes - it was a tad on the thick side.  However, after speaking to Samantha about it, she said she will be addressing it before the launch :)  I also happen to live in Satan's armpit right now, as it is 115+ degrees with 40-50% humidity - that's super cruel weather for nail polish, and could very well have contributed to the polish being a bit thick.

These colors were perfect for their phrases, I think, and I love that they all have some HOLO!!  The Victorian Era collection launches TODAY at 12pm PST!!  You can purchase the collection in full here at a discounted price of $26.00 for the 7ml mini size, and $35.50 for the 10ml full size.  Individuals can be purchased at the links I provided in the names.

I also wanted to tell you briefly about her new product - cuticle oil!!!

Samantha has created a fantastic cuticle oil made with argan oil, grapeseed extract, Vitamin C, sesame oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil - all have amazing healing, moisturizing, and nourishing properties.  She had a test group open for a month as well of 10+ people who were all trying it out before she released it, in case there were any issues, and there were none!  Everyone had fantastic results!  You can always join our GGL Fan Group if you'd like to see the testimonials for yourself! ^_^

There are 23 scents available (and "unscented" too) currently, and I know she's always getting in fun new scents, so I expect that number to only increase :D  I used this cuticle oil during my swatch session with this collection, and it was fantastic - not greasy like many tend to get, and it definitely left my skin feeling a lot better in between polishes, as opposed to the burning fire feeling I tend to get sometimes as my cuticles hate me from the excessive use of remover.  There are three different applicators you can get for this cuticle oil, too: the Doe Foot (pictured above) for $4.00, the 3.7 ml mini roller for $2.75, and the 9 ml large roller for $4.00.

Alright, I'm done blabbing at you for today!  Don't forget to set your alarms for noon!!  Any polish in particular stand out to you in this collection?  Or do they all tickle your fancy? ;)


Victorian Era collection sent to me by the maker for swatches and a review - all opinions are my own and remain 100% honest.  The cuticle oil was sent as a gift with no strings attached - I decided to review it of my own accord, again with 100% honest opinion.