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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Crotch Ice on Idris

I know, funky title, right?  I just lack the mojo to come up with something interesting :P

Today is just a small post showing you a very simple mani using Crotch Ice and Idris by Digital Nails ^_^

I purchased Idris a while ago when I did a huge Digital Nails buy during a sale, and finally had the opportunity to wear it and pair it with Crotch Ice to give it a rich look, almost opalescent.  Crotch Ice is a wonderful flakie bomb that, if layered over a dark grey or black, would probably most definitely look like an opal.  But everyone's doing that lately since that crazy colorful opal has been making the rounds on the internets.  And I don't do what everyone else does.  Because I'm an adult, and I do what I want.  So there.

I decided to add this super awesome 3d cube jewel I recently purchased through Ali Express because it seemed like a neat, unconventional addition to the mani.  That sucker didn't stay on long, it caught on EVERYTHING.  But I'll be damned if I didn't admit it looked pretty shweet.

Whatcha think?? Are you a 3d nail art fan?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Nail Hoot's Candyland Collection

***Press Sample***


My brother's favorite game when he was a kid was Candyland.  I tried playing it.  Felt like this little girl because I just couldn't win.  

Yeah, I'm...uh...I'm more of a card game girl.  Gimme some Canasta!!

But you don't have to like the Candyland game to appreciate the gorgeous Candyland inspired collection by Nail Hoot!

This collection consists of five lovely polishes.  First up: Gramma Sparkle Berry

Gramma Sparkle Berry is a blue polish packed with purple and turquoise micro glitters, inspired by the character Gramma Nutt.

Next up: Ice Queen

Ice Queen is a light blue/purple polish with small pink glitters throughout, inspired by the character Queen Frostine.

Next is: Kandy Krunch

Kandy Krunch is a burnt copper orange with fiery micro glitters and large orange and brown glitters.  This polish is inspired by the character King Kandy.

Licorice Twist is a chocolate/mauve polish with flashes blue and various micro glitters, inspired by the character Lord Licorice.

And last but not least: My Green Plum

My Green Plum is a green polish with a purple/blue flash and packed with various micro glitters.  This polish is inspired by the character Plumpy.

Overall, I found this collection extremely easy to work with!  All the polishes applied very smoothly and were opaque in 2-3 coats (depends on how thick you apply each layer).  They all dried to a semi-satin finish, so I topped each with a layer of KBShimmer's Clearly On Top to really bring out the sparkles and shimmers in each.  All the polishes dried in under five minutes as well.  I give this collection two fabulously polished thumbs up! :D

You can find this collection and more polish at the Nail Hoot shop here.  You can also follow the brand's Facebook page, Facebook Fan Group, and Instagram for swatches on current and upcoming collections.

What do you think of this collection?  Are you/were you a Candyland fan?


Polishes sent to me by the maker for review purposes.  All experiences with the polish are my own and my opinions remain 100% honest.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Smokey Mountain Lacquers 2 Year Anniversary Duo

***Press Sample***

True story.  Me blogging today is actually a rare occurrence, so you know it's gotta be something good...

As some of you may know, Smokey Mountain Lacquers took a brief hiatus to get some things in order and prepare for the shop's 2 year anniversary.  Today the shop re-opened, and with a sale to boot!  She also is releasing a limited edition numbered duo (sold individually) of which I have swatches to show you now :D

Note: Both polishes topped with a coat of KBShimmer's Clearly On Top.

First up is "Fancy:"

Outdoor Shot of the SHIMMA

The first two macros are leaning blue because the walls of the room in which I took this picture are blue - so the white is reflecting that.  I still kept the macros in here so you can see the detail of the shimmery goodness! 

Fancy is a white polish with a gold and aqua shimmer, opaque in two coats (almost a one-coater!).

The other polish is "Celebration:"

Outdoor shot of the GLITTA and HOLO!!!

Celebration is a deep purple jelly polish with a scattered holographic effect mixed in with fuchsia hex shaped glitters.  Shown above in 2 coats - 3 may actually make it opaque.

 Both of these beauties will be available for one week, and each bottle is NUMBERED - this is *IMPORTANT* as there will be a small giveaway involving those numbers later ;)

Using the code GIVEME30 to get 30% off your order, you can purchase these two polishes along with any other that tickle your fancy HERE.  That code is good through this Saturday at midnight EST.  You can also join the Facebook fan group for sneak peeks, groups exclusives, and join in on the fun - we're having our first BINGO night next Wednesday :D

So whatcha think??  Either one of these polishes strike your fancy?  Will you be taking advantage of the sale and picking up some pretties? 


Polishes sent to me by maker for photography and review purposes.  All opinions and experiences with the polish are my own and remain 100% honest.

Friday, August 21, 2015

HPB Presents NEON!

It's so true... For my husband and I, Saturday's are usually more like Fridays, because that's when the free babysitters (a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa) already had their Friday night (because they don't have kids at home anymore and can do those fun things like going out again...dammit) and are available to watch the munchkins so we can go do an adult thing.  Like go grocery shopping WITHOUT the kidlets.  Or clean the house WITHOUT children uncleaning as we go.

My God, we are so lame...

ANYWHO, I've got a fun post for you today!  I belong to an awesome group on Facebook called Hobby Polish Bloggers.  It's a great hub for all us polish bloggers to talk about the hobby and ask for advice and such.  And it's just a fantastic gathering of amazing gals ^_^  I'm very happy to be a part of it, and that group has helped me many, many times in this little polish blog journey of mine.

Every month, Steph, the admin of the group, puts together a link-up for all of us to join (if we so choose) and we all create a mani inspired by a specific theme.  I've been trying for months to get a mani done for these link-ups, but either press samples or life got in the way.  I *finally* was able to participate in this round, and at the same time was also finally able to use the new Jior Couture Summer collection I ordered when it launched!!

I was inspired to do a design based off one of my favorite games - Gummy Drop!  All those neon fruit candies in those appealing patterns called to me.  They said, "MAKE US INTO A MANI" in creepy little candy voices.  So I did a random pattern dotticure - I was originally trying to make a neon "wave" pattern, but it didn't really turn out too well :P

Oh!  OH!  But here's the best part - it gloooooooooooooows!!!

Aw yeah!!  That purple though - what a brat.  She did NOT want to glow.  At all.  Had to leave my camera shutter open for 5.5 seconds.  What a snob.

I used all the colors in the summer collections sans Geek in the PINK and GOLD rush, and topped the mani off with Jior's topcoat, which they included as a freebie in my order ^_^  I'll definitely be revisiting this collection again soon with more neon goodness :D
What do you think of this design?  Did you get any of the new summer colors by Jior?  Be sure to check out the other manis in the inlinkz below! <3

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Holo Deck Collection

***Press Sample***

It's been one helluva week.

So let's talk about the amazing Holo Deck Collection by Gothic Gala Lacquers!!  In celebration of her 2-year brand birthday, Samantha of GGL re-formulated and re-released her Star Trek themed Holo Deck Collection!  Of all the collections she's done thus far, this is definitely in my top 3 :)  Let's get to some swatches!

Note: Each polish is shown in two coats and topped with KBShimmer's Clearly On Top.  The nail white nail vinyls are from Lou It Yourself, and the dark blue vinyls are specially ordered from You Polish.

Let's start with "My Partner In Crime:"

My Partner In Crime is a mustard yellow with a subtle holographic shimmer throughout and is inspired by Geordi.

Next up is one of my favorites, "It's Green, Sir:"

It's Green, Sir is a deep forest green with a strong holographic effect and is inspired by Data.

Next is "Make It So:"

Make It So is a dark red polish with a strong holographic effect and is inspired by Picard and his ever so famous saying in the show :)

Here is "The Enterprise:"

The Enterprise is a dusty silver/grey with a subtle holographic effect and a blue shimmer, inspired by the Enterprise ship.

This one is my top favorite in the collection, "The Dancing Doctor:"

The Dancing Doctor is a deep royal blue with a strong holographic effect, inspired by Dr. Crusher.

And lastly is the bittersweet "The Search For Spock:"

The Search For Spock is a blackened purple jelly packed with chrome flakies and holographic shimmer throughout.  This gorgeous polish is not only inspired by Spock, but is in loving memory of the late and great Leonard Nimoy <3

I had no issues with the full collection - no formula issues, no thickness or goopy problems (even with this heat!).  It's a great collection, and a fantastic way to launch her two year brand birthday!!

As luck would have it, Gothic Gala Lacquers, along with the launch of this collection, is also having a sale to celebrate not only the brand's birthday, but the creator's, too!  Happy Birthday Samantha!!  

You can purchase this collection here at $33.50 for the 7ml mini size, or $43.50 for the 10ml full size.  For any other purchases you want to make, the main page is here

Use the code ANNIBIRTHDAY for a whopping 42% off your order (excludes customs) from today through the 23rd.  Please allow 7-10 business days for turn around time - this is a *huge* sale and I'm sure she will be bogged down with orders by the end of it :D

Any other time after the sale period, you can use the code MOMMRSANDME25 for 25% off your order ^_^  

So, what do you think of this collection??  Does it call to your inner Trekkie?  If not, does it call to your inner Holo Goddess? :D


Polish sent to me by Gothic Gala Lacquers for photography and review purposes.  Any experiences and opinions I have are my own and are 100% honest.