Monday, August 29, 2016

Supermoon Lacquer "I Am Cannibal" Collection

***Press Sample***

Posting is going to be a bit sporadic, but I appreciate you sticking around!  The long and short of it is that I am now solo parenting while the hubs works out of state for long bursts of time.  It's pretty much military living without the moving around so much and with better pay.  It's rough, especially with school season starting (we homeschool), but I'm still going to make it a point to carve out time to post at least twice a week.  Thanks for hanging out, you lovely people you!

Now let's get down to the ridiculously awesome collection I have to show you todayyyyyyyy.


Supermoon Lacquer has come out with a Kesha-inspired collection called "I Am Cannibal" and it is *glorious*!!!  Rather than talk about it let's just get to the swatches because DAYUM.

Please Note: ALL are shown in 2 coats with topcoat.  They are ALL opaque in 1-2 coats depending on how thick you apply your polish.  

"And You'll Be A Goner"

I like to call this one an a**hole polish to photograph.  In real life, it's a lovely lilac purple with a stunning blue shimmer and a smidgen of holo.  On camera, it's periwinkle.  No, it's purple.  No, it's a light purple.  WHAT THE FUDGE.  So if my skin looks a little funkay, it's because I made these photos as color accurate as possible to what the actual polish looks like versus what my lying camera tried to tell me it looked like.  

"Boys For Breakfast (And Lunch)"

*wipes drool from chin* You want a deep vampy blue with a purple shimmer?  You got it in this.  There's so much more to it than I could ever explain here.  It's just one of those polishes :D  Now initially, there was a funky formula issue with about 20% of this polish that went out to us bloggers - some of the pigment settled to the bottom of the bottle.  With a hardcore shake-a-thon it was fine and completely mixed.  So, the maker is offering both the sinky and a reformulated version of this to purchase - the sinkier one is cheaper, in case you wanna save a bit because you don't mind the extra shaking.

"Carnivore Animal"

Hands down - my favorite in the whole collection.  This one is a jaw dropper.  Rich chocolaty brown, intense holo, and a sexy red shimmer.  It is PERFECT for Fall!  Absolutely gorgeous.  Mmm Mmm GOOD!

"I Warned You"

Creamy bright orange-y coral with flakies and a subtle holo effect - this one is super fun and bright, and a nice alternative to a pink, if pink isn't your thang or doesn't like your skintone.  It's a nice color that I feel can be worn year-round, too.  Pair it with Carnivore Animal and you have a WOWZA mani on your hands (oh, pun completely intended there).

"Now I'm Gonna Eat You, Fool!"

You know how much I love me some blues.  This is a nice creamy blue with flakies and a subtle holo effect.  I think this would look GREAT in a winter mani - it's such a versatile blue!

"The Hunger"

I don't know how to describe this one properly - it's another polish like Boys for Breakfast (and Lunch).  No matter what I say, I can't do it justice in words.  It's a nice berry purple (it's pulling a little more grape purple in the photos, but it leans more towards a raspberry purple in real life) and it has a lovely violet shimmer with a holo effect.  If you love purple, you need this polish - absolutely NEED.

"The Kinda Guy I'd Stalk In School"

This is a lovely creamy teal/turquoise color, and I love that this has a bit more flakies in it than the other creams.  It's really beautiful, and another great one for Fall, because it's color, but calmed down, you know?  Love it.

"You Better Run"

Talk about a fun bubblegum pink!  This is so cute, and has a lovely subtle purple-to-red shimmer with it.  Great color!!

And I did a thing.  Crazy thing.  I paired polishes from the Ready to Launch collection with this one, and did some art with nail vinyls :D

"And You'll Be A Goner" with "Polar Lights"

"Boys For Breakfast (And Lunch)" with "Cosmic Dust"

"Carnivore Animal" with "Star Cloud"

"I Warned You" with "Galactic Halo"

"Now I'm Gonna Eat You, Fool!" with "Stellar Stream"

"The Hunger" with "Rosette Nebula"

"The Kinda Guy I'd Stalk In School" with "Tidal Disruption"

"You Better Run" with "Pistol Star"

Alright, DETAILS!

You can get the I Am Cannibal Collection (or the ones that struck your fancy over others) on Thursday, September 1st, at 6pm CST at the Howling Boutique website - that's the creator.  Here are all the linkages for you:

Obviously I want to know what you think, and which one is your fav, so leave me some love <3


Half the collection was provided for photography and review - the second half I purchased at a special discount.  My review is in full disclosure and all experiences with my polish are my own.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ellagee's Zippered Bag

***Press Sample***

I know, I KNOW - I haven't posted in just under Forever.  There's reason for that, which I will get in to in a post later this week.  I don't mean to keep you all in the dark, especially when you've stuck with me this long through thick and thin! But for now, let's talk about something a lot more fun!!

So I've told you about Ellagee polish before, and how amazing it is, but did you know she actually offers more than polish on her site?  Like, a lot more.'s every polish swag lovers' dream on her site.  Just check out the "EXTRAS" section, you'll see what I mean.

From that awesome section, I'd picked up two fantastic zippered bags that had polish prints on them, and will be talking about those with you today!  I also did a matchy-matchy mani for one of them ;)

I have two different uses for both my bags - one of them I put in my purse/diaper bag and it holds beauty products:


I keep a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, a roller cuticle oil, topcoat, nail color, and toe spacers in the bag - I'll be adding nail polish remover wipes to that, too, once I get some more.  I use the toe spacers to hold the polished and cuticle oil upright in the bag, like so:

It works perfectly!  The bags have a nice, thick lining so that even if (polish gods forbid) one of the polishes were to break, the damage to the rest of the contents in my purse/diaper bag would be minimal.  

The other bag I use to hold markers and pens for coloring on the go.

These bags are the perfect size for holding both types of items without taking up a ton of space, and I love the durable quality!  Good for kids for school, too - I know a couple little girls who would love the unicorn designed bags :)

Here's the mani I did to match the purple bag:

The base is Ellagee's "F5! F5!" All the polish bottles are freehanded using acrylic black paint for the caps and the following Ellagee polishes for the bottles: "Garrison of Glitz," "Three Years of Sparkle, "The Gravedigger," "Cartjacked," and "KACHOW!"

The price for these zippered bags is just $12, and you can get them on the Ellagee website.  Here are some linkages for you so you can keep up to date with the brand and keep watch for even more awesome swag :D

What do you think??  Is this the type of item you'd find useful?  What would you use one for?  Let me know in the comments! <3


One of the zippered bags was offered in exchange for an honest review - the other bag I purchased.