Monday, August 8, 2016

Ellagee's Zippered Bag

***Press Sample***

I know, I KNOW - I haven't posted in just under Forever.  There's reason for that, which I will get in to in a post later this week.  I don't mean to keep you all in the dark, especially when you've stuck with me this long through thick and thin! But for now, let's talk about something a lot more fun!!

So I've told you about Ellagee polish before, and how amazing it is, but did you know she actually offers more than polish on her site?  Like, a lot more.'s every polish swag lovers' dream on her site.  Just check out the "EXTRAS" section, you'll see what I mean.

From that awesome section, I'd picked up two fantastic zippered bags that had polish prints on them, and will be talking about those with you today!  I also did a matchy-matchy mani for one of them ;)

I have two different uses for both my bags - one of them I put in my purse/diaper bag and it holds beauty products:


I keep a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, a roller cuticle oil, topcoat, nail color, and toe spacers in the bag - I'll be adding nail polish remover wipes to that, too, once I get some more.  I use the toe spacers to hold the polished and cuticle oil upright in the bag, like so:

It works perfectly!  The bags have a nice, thick lining so that even if (polish gods forbid) one of the polishes were to break, the damage to the rest of the contents in my purse/diaper bag would be minimal.  

The other bag I use to hold markers and pens for coloring on the go.

These bags are the perfect size for holding both types of items without taking up a ton of space, and I love the durable quality!  Good for kids for school, too - I know a couple little girls who would love the unicorn designed bags :)

Here's the mani I did to match the purple bag:

The base is Ellagee's "F5! F5!" All the polish bottles are freehanded using acrylic black paint for the caps and the following Ellagee polishes for the bottles: "Garrison of Glitz," "Three Years of Sparkle, "The Gravedigger," "Cartjacked," and "KACHOW!"

The price for these zippered bags is just $12, and you can get them on the Ellagee website.  Here are some linkages for you so you can keep up to date with the brand and keep watch for even more awesome swag :D

What do you think??  Is this the type of item you'd find useful?  What would you use one for?  Let me know in the comments! <3


One of the zippered bags was offered in exchange for an honest review - the other bag I purchased.  


  1. The mani you did to match the bag is perfection!! So much fun! I love the ideas for the use of those bags. Very tempting, but where my husband hates my polish hobby, he hates my coloring hobby even more. No way he'd let me have that out in public. haha Mine would end up with feminine products or something. Definitely not as much fun as yours.

  2. Feminine products are quite necessary though - and the bag would make it fun :P

  3. I need that to go with my new socks.

  4. Super cute mani and love this bag. I need one lol x

  5. I LOVE the bag with the mani! You did a great job recreating them

  6. Using toe separators to hold nail polish caps is genius! Thank you so much for sharing that tip!
    I love the matching mani btw, and the bags are both pretty!

  7. Such cute bags! And I love you did a mani to match. :-)

  8. I love the bags and that mani is so cute!

  9. I need these SO BAD! Running to that section of the site right now! And I am in love with your matching mani :D

  10. I really like the white bag with the polish bottles it just so fab!

  11. These are so adorable, your nail art is on point!!

  12. Both of those bags look awesome and I love your mani to go with the purple one xx

  13. Oh my gosh I totally need this! Plus your mani is so freaking adorable!