Thursday, May 28, 2015

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Summer Colors!

***Press Release***

Hello lovely folks!  I know it's been a while since my last post - things in my life personally have changed drastically and have interfered a bit with my blogging.  BUT!  They are leveling off now!  I should be back to a more regular posting schedule soon ^_^

To make up for my absence, I wanted to show you three polishes from the upcoming Summer Collection to be released by Octopus Party Nail Lacquer this Saturday the 30th!  Let's get right to them!

First up: "Piece of Caicos"

Piece of Caicos is a lovely light blue/teal holographic polish with blue flakies spread throughout.  Opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on how thick you apply it, and dries in under five minutes to a shiny finish.

Next up: "Bermuda High"

Bermuda High is a stunning hot red holographic polish with a blue flash.  Also opaque in 2-3 coats, it dries to a shiny finish in under 5 minutes.

Lastly, we have: "Aruba Wakening"

And here are some sun shots to show off that holo! (I'd have sunshots of the others had the sun actually come out to play while I was swatching them >.< )

Aruba Wakening is a gorgeous seafoam/mint green with an intense holographic effect.  Opaque in 2-3 coats, it also dries in under 5 minutes to a shiny finish.

These polishes overall are fantastic!  Application was super smooth, as is always the case with OPNL's, and the formula is solid.  Really terrific polishes!!

The Summer Collection consists of 8 polishes: 7 holographic colors and one rainbow glitter flakie topper.  The collection launches this Saturday, May 30th at 1pm EST in the OPNL Etsy Shop.  I suggest setting an alarm - these suckers tend to fly off the shelves pretty darn fast!

You can find swatches of the other colors in the collection on (and also keep up to date with the brand by following) their Facebook Page, Facebook Fan Group, and Instagram

What do you think of these three colors?   Do you own any OPNL polishes?


Polishes offered for retail price ahead of launch for press release purposes.  Opinions are my own and remain 100% honest.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Press Sample: MTK Design Blush Collection

***Press Sample***

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Today I've got the brand new Blush Collection by MTK Design to show you!  This collection consists of four blush-colored polishes.  All are shown in the pictures below in 3 thin coats with 1 topcoat for added shine.  Any nail art present is freehanded.

Let's start with "Crimson Shy:"

Crimson Shy is a frosty translucent red.

Next up is "It's My Crush:"

It's My Crush is a pale pink with a darker pink shimmer.

Next is "He's My Guy:"

He's My Guy is a mature mauve with strong purple tones.

Lastly we have "I Don't Blush:"

I Don't Blush is a sparkly peach color with a dark peach shimmer.

The Ups: The polishes applied very smoothly with no clumping or pulling with added layers.  They each dried in under five minutes as well.

The Downs: Crimson Shy was the sheerest of the collection, and definitely needs three coats, but the others you could get away with two thick coats.

Overall: This collection is perfect for the office woman and anyone that loves blush/neutral colors - these polishes add some subtle beauty to your fingers with striking shimmers.  

You can purchase the 15ml full-sized collection for $38.00, or the 5ml mini-sized collection for $18.00  Individual prices are $10.00 for the full size and $5.00 for the mini size.  You can purchase the polishes HERE.  These are limited edition, so I suggest gettin' while the gettin's good!

You can also follow MTK Design via their Facebook PageTwitter, and Instagram for updates on upcoming polishes.

What do you think of this collection?  Will you be picking any up?


Polish sent by maker for photography purposes.  Opinions are my own and remain 100% honest.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Press Sample: Bellaluna Cosmetics Bohemian Collection

***Press Sample***

Happy Sunday afternoon!!  I hope you've been enjoying your weekend ^_^  Today I've got a brand new collection to show you by Bellaluna Cosmetics!  It is called the Bohemian Collection and it is comprised of five different polishes.

Note: All swatch photos are 2 coats unless states otherwise, and have one layer of HKGirl Glisten & Glow topcoat.

First up is "Gypsy:"

Gypsy is a muted magenta polish with a strong golden shimmer and a very subtle holographic effect.

Next up is "Metanoia:"

Metanoia is a gorgeous topper packed with teal and fuchsia metallic flakies in a holographic base.  Shown above is one coat over Gypsy with no topcoat.

Next is "Sunset in Paradise:"

Sunset in Paradise is a bright orange jelly with an added orange sparkle.  This polish is the most sheer in the collection - I am wearing three coats in the photos above, and there is still some visible nail line.  A white coat base would get rid of that, and make that orange pop even more!

Next we have "Wanderlust:"

Wanderlust is a lovely baby blue with a subtle holographic shimmer and blue flakies.  

Lastly we have "Wild Child:"

Wild Child is a brilliant purple based glitter bomb packed with various gold, purple, blue, red, etc.  glitters!  

The Ups:  Nearly all of these were opaque in 2 coats!!  And the dry time was excellent - under 5 minutes.  Wanderlust had the thickest formula, but it still applied smoothly, and it evened out so very nicely.  

The Downs:  Application of Metanoia got a bit tricky sometimes when the flakies wanted to clump, but in my experience it's rare to find a flakie and glitter topper that DOESN'T do that in some way.

Overall:  I'm very impressed with this collection!!  Bellaluna is a fairly new indie, and you can tell she has made some fantastic improvements in her polishes' formulas and whatnot.  I love how unique this collection is, and how all the colors flow nicely together and just scream SUMMER!  It's really a great collection!

You can purchase the entire 15ml full-sized collection for $34.00 HERE, or you can purchase the 5ml mini size collection for $15.50 HERE.  Individuals in mini and full size are also available and you can find them through the links provided above with the swatch photos.

What do you think of this collection?  Any tickle your fancy more than the rest?


Discount code provided in exchange for photos.  Opinions are my own and are 100% honest.