Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Fab Giveaway!!

Happy Sunday!!  A quick post today to share with you another fantabulous giveaway from the Blogger Squad!!

The prize is a box FULL of favorite nail related items (from polish to mani bombs) from each of the participants you see in the above image!  We have each donated a few of our favorite indie products to stuff inside this mystery box.  It's a pretty epic prize worth $200+ dollars! :-O

Here is the Rafflecopter for the giveaway - it is running from now until December 18th.  Good luck to all entrants, and thanks so much to those of you participating!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, November 27, 2015

Le Polish - A Christmas Trio

***Press Sample***

The movie A Christmas Story is a staple in my family.  Every year we would watch it in December (usually on Christmas Day), and even now that I'm married living with my own little family, I still watch this movie, every year.  Not only do we all love this classic film - my mom and I were also in the stage play for community theatre years ago :)  She played the Mom and I played the teacher ^_^  It was fun!  We even had a Legendary, Official Red Rider 200-shot Carbine-Action Range Model Air Rifle with a compass and this thing which tells time built right into the stock ;)

So you can imagine how excited I was when Le Polish asked me to swatch her Christmas Story Trio!

Let's get to the swatches!

First up: Fra-gee-lay

Fra-gee-lay is a glowing yellow full of scattered holo, shimmer, and black flakies.  I am wearing two coats in the photos above with an accent nail of a hand painted Leg Lamp, the inspiration for the polish.

Next: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out is a silver holo with holographic glitters.  I am wearing two coats in the photos above with a hand painted accent nail of a pair of broken glasses, from the part of the movie where Ralphie, you guessed it, shot his eye out :P

I Can't Put My Arms Down is a vibrant red packed with scattered holo and shimmer.  I am wearing ONE coat in the photos above with a hand painted accent nail of Randy's silhouette in the infamous snowsuit his mother put him in, in such thick layers that he couldn't put his arms down :D

This trio launched today and you can purchase each polish individually or all three at a discount!  Here are some links for you:

Today, for Black Friday, Le Polish also has a discount code OHFUDGE20 for 20% off your order!  And if you purchase all 3 polishes in this trio, you get a FREE Limited Edition polish!!  Aww yeah!

Will you be picking any of these up today??


Polishes sent to me by maker for photography purposes and a review.  All opinions and experiences with the polishes are my own and my review remains 100% honest.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

M Polish Winter 2015 Collection - Part 2

***Press Sample***

I'd offer a clever meme for today, but most of the "funny" Wednesday ones either contained a very annoying Camel or some grotesque image I really, really didn't need to see...

So!  On we go to drool over the remaining 3 polishes in the new Winter 2015 collection by M Polishes!

Please note that I wore OPI's Nail Envy as a base coat and Digital Nails Ain't Nobody Got Time For That topcoat in each photo.

First up: Figgy

Figgy is a lovely purple jewel-toned scattered holographic polish.  I wore it here over Zoya's "Tiana" using images from JQ-L09 plate and owl charms on my ring finger from Daily Charme.

Next up: Joy

Joy is a gorgeous blue jewel-toned scattered holographic polish shown here stamped over Zoya's "Lillian" (and Lillian stamped over Joy on my middle and ring fingers) using an image from Sailor plate 07 by MoYou London.  The ship and sea dragons are freehanded.

Last up: Cranberry

Cranberry is a nice maroon jewel-toned scattered holographic polish, shown here over Chick Polish "Doll Face" using images from Pro plate 05 by MoYou London and a butterfly charm from Daily Charme.

I love love LOVE the sparkle in all three of these!!  Cranberry even seems to flash a little blue in some angles!  They're really gorgeous, and the scattered holo effect really makes them stand out as a stamping polish from the rest.  I definitely recommend picking these up!  Here are some links for you:

M Polish will be having a Black Friday sale and will be re-stocking a lot of the sold out products - so if you've seen one from this or yesterday's post that is currently sold out, stay tuned!!  The only polish NOT applicable to the sale is the charity polish You Are My Symphony.  There are more details on the sale on the IG page.

What do you think of these three?  Do any of them strike your fancy most?  Let me know in the comments!


Polish sent to me by maker for photography purposes.  All experiences with the polish are unique to me and my review and opinions remain 100% honest.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

M Polish Winter 2015 Collection - Part 1

***Press Sample***

A week and a half later, and I think we're all done sharing the sickness travelling around my house.  Finally, I have time and energy for blogging again!!  You know, just in time for me to have a baby in a month...

Alright, so, M Polish just released an absolutely stunning set of 6 stamping polishes for her Winter 2015 collection!  

I'm going to split them up into two posts so you're not overwhelmed with pictures, and to give your eyes a break, or you will likely go blind from the beauty ;)

We'll start today with the metallic polishes! 

Please note that in all the swatch photos coming up I used a base coat of OPI's Nail Envy and a topcoat of Ain't Nobody Got Time For That by Digital Nails.

First up:  Carol

Carol is a lovely holographic polish containing bronze microflakies.  I am wearing it here over Zoya's "Cynthia" with images from the "Absolutely Nautical" plate from Winstonia.

Next up: Frost

Frost is a gorgeous holographic polish containing platinum microflakies.  I am wearing it over Zoya's "Racquel" using images from MoYou Nails plate 229.  The ring finger is watermarbled using OPI's Nail Envy and Racquel.

Last up: Bells

Bells is a gorgeous holographic polish with gold microflakies.  I am wearing it over Zoya's "Mira" using images from Marianne plate 85.  I watermarbled Bells with OPI's Nail Envy on my pointer and pinky fingers.  While these metallics do watermarble, I will say it was not as "smooth" as the other stampers, but is still possible.

They all stamped very easily, as M Polishes have always done for me.  Even though these are metallic flakies, they transferred nicely!

You can find these three at the M Polish Shop site, and while some are currently sold out, they will be restocked for her Black Friday sale!!  Here are some links for you:

What do you think of these polishes?  Did you pick any of them up at the launch last week?  Let me know in the comments!!



Polishes were sent to me by the maker for photography purposes.  All experience with the polish is unique to me and disclosed with 100% honesty.