Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Zoya Sunsets & Seashells Collections Giveaway!!

I've joined with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you this amazing Zoya giveaway! 

Zoya Sunsets 6 piece collection
Zoya Seashells 6 piece collection

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6. Giveaway runs from May 23rd until May 30th at 11:59 pm EST.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Manis for Roselynn of Manicured and Marvelous

A wonderful blogger, Miss Roselynn over at Manicured and Marvelous, has been dealing with some pretty bogus illness issues for a little while now.  Poor gal just can't catch a break (boy do I know how that feels), but despite this, she has still been keeping up with swatching AND doing nail art, all while remaining pleasant and positive.  The girl is a rock star!!

So another awesome blogger, Jessica of Be Happy and Buy Polish, secretly put together a group of bloggers to re-create a Roselynn mani and surprise her with our compilation today!!

I was absolutely thrilled to be able to be a part of this!  Rose is such a sweet girl, one of the absolute best kind of people in this world, and I feel very lucky and fortunate that I know her :D

Here is the mani I did re-creating THIS one of hers:

The base gradient colors are "Deborah," "Rahab," "Miriam," "Queen Ester," and "Magdalene," all by the retired brand Virtuous Polish.  She stamped her white dots using a Pueen plate, but I did not have said plate, nor any plate with large polka dots, so mine are lamely freehanded.  I topcoated with KBShimmer "Oh, Matte!"

Again, this was so much fun to do and such an honor re-creating a gorgeous mani from one of the best bloggers out there :)  We love you, Rose!! <3

Check out the other posts featuring more Manicured and Marvelous manis through the inlinks below!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Faeries & Folklore - May's "Myth of the Month"

***Press Sample***

Faeries & Folklore has come out with another fun Myth of the Month polish, but this one will be around from May through July, and it is quite unique!!  It is a creature that came out of her own mind :D  It is called the Nessraffisaur!

It's like a Lochness, Giraffe, and Dinosaur all had a good time together and this was the result :P  I think it's pretty fun!!  Pictured above is the sticker she is including in all orders of Nessraffisaur (while supplies last - make sure you order ASAP to secure one!!) :D

But what I like more is the polish she created for it!!  Let's check out the swatches!

Nessraffisaur is a gorgeous turquoise-green crelly packed with holographic and purple metallic flakies.  Opaque in 2 easy coats and dries to a slightly textured finish, so I would definitely recommend a super shiny topcoat.

And of course I mattified it, because it's a flakie.  Matte ALL the flakies!!

This is definitely my favorite Myth of the Month polish yet - the color is so vibrant in real life that it's almost a washed out neon!  Love it!

Nessraffisaur will launch today at 5pm CST - here's where you can snag one and follow the brand:

If you haven't already, you may want to pick up some Finding Nemo polishes as well - with each Nemo polish you purchase, you'll earn an entry into a drawing (1 polish = 1 entry, 2 polishes = 2 entries, etc) to win this super cute crochet clownfish!!  

The giveaway is only open till May 30th, so enter now!!

Speaking of giveaways...have you entered mine yet?? :D

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Polish was sent to me by the maker for photography purposes.  All experience with the polish are my own, and my review remains 100% honest.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Pretty Beautiful Polish's "Wedded Bliss" Collection

***Press Sample***

Today I've got a beautiful trio to show you from Pretty Beautiful Polish!

Wedded Bliss Trio

Say hello to the Wedded Bliss collection!  "Hello, Wedded Bliss Collection - you are looking lovely today!"  This beautiful trio was created for the maker's 7 year wedding anniversary <3  Congratulations, Virginia!!  Many years to you and your hubs!!

Okay, let's start with "Happily Ever After:"

Happily Ever After Wedded Bliss

Happily Ever After Wedded Bliss

Happily Ever After Wedded Bliss

Happily Ever After is a crelly with a light gray base packed with various sized yellow, purple, green, and gold glitters as well as silver holo micro shreds and Ultra Chameleon Chrome (UCC) flakies that shift from green to blue and purple.  It's got a lot of character, and despite the various glitters and flakies involved, everything complements each other, and the application is nice and smooth.  I didn't have to move glitters where I wanted them :P  Shown above is 2 coats with topcoat.

Next is "Bliss:"

Bliss Wedded Bliss

Bliss Wedded Bliss

Bliss Wedded Bliss

Wedded Bliss

Bliss is a mint green base with various sized purple and dark green glitters as well as UCC flakies that shift from copper to gold and green.  This one also applied very evenly, and was more opaque than Happily Ever After.  I'm a big sucker for minty greens, too, so this one delighted me from the start :D  Shown as 2 coats with topcoat.

And lastly we have "I Love You More:"

I Love You More Wedded Bliss

I Love You More Wedded Bliss

I Love You More Wedded Bliss

I Love You More Wedded Bliss

I Love You More is an off-white tinted base with various sized purple glitters, UCC flakies in violet, red, and orange, and a lovely purple shimmer.  Surprisingly, I actually liked this one the best!  Another smooth application, perfectly opaque in 2 coats, and smoothed out nicely with topcoat.  I really like that the base is off-white, I feel like it actually made it a more pronounced color on my fingers.  Absolutely lovely :)

The Wedded Bliss Collection will be released Monday, May 9th at 1pm CST - mark your calendars!!  Here are some social links for you:

What do you think of this trio?  Does it tickle your fancy?  Let me know in the comments!


Polish was sent to me by the maker for photography purposes.  All opinions and experiences with the polish are my own and my disclosure remains 100% honest.

Also, for your info, I used M Polish "Figgy," "Pish Plashin' Around," and "Baroque" (respectively) as the stamping polish for the accent nails, and images from the Uber Chic "Love & Marriage" plate 02.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Born Pretty Store Holographic Glass Paper

***Press Sample***

I'm so pleased to bring you this post :D  When I got in this press sample from Born Pretty Store I had a very creative idea on how to use it, but was unsure if it would translate well.  I'm happy to tell you...it sure as hell did!!

Most of the amazing manis I've seen done using holographic glass paper have been the "shattered glass" look.  I was intending on doing that with this press sample, but I got to thinking...There's *got* to be something else to do with this paper.  It can't just be for one type of mani.  So I set out on a mission, and it was one I knew would either work out, or fail miserably.  I'm happy to report that I turned that Mission: Impossible into a Mission: F*cking OWNED!

So first I'll show you step-by-step (day by day, a fresh start over -...sorry) of how I created this look, then I will show you the final mani :D  SQUEE!

First, I did a base of "Tremedeira Perolado" by Gio Antonelli (I have no idea if that's actually what it's called, the bottle is all in Spanish and I got it in a clearance section of a stockist, so that is my best guest on the name) on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers.  On my ring and thumb, I did a base of "Blue Lagoon" by Pretty Serious.  I stamped with my Born Pretty Store clear stamper using "#1457" by Drip Drop Nail Paint and "Cayuga" from M Polish with butterfly images from my MoYou London The Pro Plate 05.

My next steps get a little fancy and possibly complicated, so bear with me...

I used my mini UberChic black mat and stamped the wing close-up image on one of the nails to use as a guide.

I then cut a small square from the long piece of holographic glass paper and placed it over the design.

Next, I used a light orange sharpie to trace parts of the wing.

Yes, that is the same paper - it looks more blue/pink when on a white background, and more blue/oil spill on a dark background.  Anyway, you can see the individual pieces traced out.  I then cut them out and placed them back on the guide to make sure they (roughly) matched.

Then...I spent an hour repeating this two more times, then transferring the pieces to my nails to create this:

I give you SHATTERED BUTTERFLY WINGS!!  YAHS!!!!!!!! I am so f*cking proud of this, guysssss!!!!!  And I cannot believe how much easier it was to work with the glass paper than I initially thought.  As long as you don't heavily exhale or sneeze onto your mat (that may or may not have happened...) while you have the pieces cut, it's actually not bad!!  And the results are amazing!!  I love these so much, I'm gonna leave this design on my nails FOR THE WEEKEND.

Yeah, that's right.

So there are a few things I want to touch on about the holographic glass paper.  Despite what it appears to be on the website, you get a LOT of this paper.  Seriously, a LOT:

I was expecting a small square of it, but I got this beast, and let me tell you - a little bit goes a long way, so this product will last you a while.  It is most definitely worth the money.  I've tried a few other shiny cellophane type paper like this, and it all just didn't work as easily - it was either too static-y or too rigid, etc.  This paper was excellent.

Another thing - it sits super smooth on my nail.  One coat of topcoat, and it's smooth - no corners sticking up or anything (though I made sure when I was putting the pieces on that there were no corners).

Overall, I would absolutely 100% recommend this product if you're looking to make a super cool shattered anything mani :D

If you'd like this particular product, you can find it at the following link with several different color options (the one in the pictures is #4)

And you can find even more nail art products (and then some!) at the main store page here:

Use the discount code in the below image for 10% off your entire order ;)

So...I *gotta* know - what do you think of this mani??  Let me know in the comments!


Holographic Glass Paper was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for nail art and a review.  My experience with the product is unique to me and my full disclosure remains 100% honest.  

Oh hey, btw!!  Have you entered my super awesome giveaway yet? ;)

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Faeries & Folklore's Finding Nemo Inspired Collection, Part 1

***Press Sample***

It's Cinco de Mayo, a date to commemorate Mexico's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla!  Or, as most of America will celebrate it, another day to drink!

I kid...though there's sadly a lot of truth to that meme -_-  

But I digress - we're here for POLISH!!  New polish!!  EXCITING POLISH!!

Shameless baby bait:

And for those who don't care for baby bait:


...I got bored, okay?

Faeries & Folklore is releasing her Nemo inspired collection today, and I have some swatches for it!

First up - "A Sea Monkey Stole My Money"

A Sea Monkey Stole My Money is based off the character Dory and is a squishy royal blue jelly, perfect for stampwiches and regular jelly sandwiches (not the kind you eat, silly goose) :D  I am wearing three thin coats in the photos above.  Please note, there are some bubbles in some spots - that is not from the polish, but rather due to my very hot body temperature that causes almost every jelly to bubble on me.  It's rather annoying.

Next up - "Honorable Mentions"

Honorable Mentions (shown here over A Sea Monkey Stole My Money) represents all the other characters in the movie that did not have a polish created for them in this collection.  It's a nice glitter topper with lots of various shapes and sizes of metallic and holographic glitters.  It spread easily with even coverage.  I have it sponged over the tips and shown as a single layer on the ring finger.

Next up - "Takin' On The Jellies"

Takin' on the Jellies is based off the jellyfish jungle Dory and Marlin find themselves trapped in on their way to find Nemo.  It is a purple packed with rainbow flakies, subtle holo, and a blue shimmer.  It almost glows, the combination of goodness in this polish makes it really magical, very much like coming across a jelly forest underwater.  I am wearing two coats plus topcoat in the photos and an accent nail of freehand jellyfish.

Next - "Find A Happy Place"

Find a Happy Place was inspired by Peach, one of my favorite characters from the movie, and her iconic line when that brat Darla is tapping the crap out of the tank (don't be a Darla, folks).  This polish is packed with various sized and shaped holographic, matte, and neon glitters (including starfish shaped ones!) and a lovely sprinkling of scattered holographic pigment throughout.  I am wearing one layer over a nude polish in the photos above with a freehand accent nail of Peach.

And lastly is my personal favorite of the collection - "Dude!"

Dude! is inspired by Crush, the "righteous" sea turtle from the East Australian Current that saves Marlin and Dory after they fight their way out of the Jellyfish Jungle.  Dude is a gorgeous jewel-toned green subtle holographic with small green holographic glitters and a lovely bluish/green shimmer.  I am wearing two coats in the photos above with topcoat and a freehand nail of Crush.

The collection launches today at 5pm CST.  Here's where you can purchase from and follow the brand:

If you use the code CINDEMAYO you will receive 15% off when you buy at least 2 polishes from the Nemo collection!  

And just for funsies, here's a collage of all the accent nails ;)

Which polish did you like best out of these five?  Let me know in the comments!  (Oh, and don't forget about the super awesome GIVEAWAY I'm having!!! Enter below!)  

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Polish was sent to me by the maker for photography purposes.  All experiences with the polish are my own and my disclosure remains 100% honest.