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Friday, May 6, 2016

Born Pretty Store Holographic Glass Paper

***Press Sample***

I'm so pleased to bring you this post :D  When I got in this press sample from Born Pretty Store I had a very creative idea on how to use it, but was unsure if it would translate well.  I'm happy to tell sure as hell did!!

Most of the amazing manis I've seen done using holographic glass paper have been the "shattered glass" look.  I was intending on doing that with this press sample, but I got to thinking...There's *got* to be something else to do with this paper.  It can't just be for one type of mani.  So I set out on a mission, and it was one I knew would either work out, or fail miserably.  I'm happy to report that I turned that Mission: Impossible into a Mission: F*cking OWNED!

So first I'll show you step-by-step (day by day, a fresh start over -...sorry) of how I created this look, then I will show you the final mani :D  SQUEE!

First, I did a base of "Tremedeira Perolado" by Gio Antonelli (I have no idea if that's actually what it's called, the bottle is all in Spanish and I got it in a clearance section of a stockist, so that is my best guest on the name) on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers.  On my ring and thumb, I did a base of "Blue Lagoon" by Pretty Serious.  I stamped with my Born Pretty Store clear stamper using "#1457" by Drip Drop Nail Paint and "Cayuga" from M Polish with butterfly images from my MoYou London The Pro Plate 05.

My next steps get a little fancy and possibly complicated, so bear with me...

I used my mini UberChic black mat and stamped the wing close-up image on one of the nails to use as a guide.

I then cut a small square from the long piece of holographic glass paper and placed it over the design.

Next, I used a light orange sharpie to trace parts of the wing.

Yes, that is the same paper - it looks more blue/pink when on a white background, and more blue/oil spill on a dark background.  Anyway, you can see the individual pieces traced out.  I then cut them out and placed them back on the guide to make sure they (roughly) matched.

Then...I spent an hour repeating this two more times, then transferring the pieces to my nails to create this:

I give you SHATTERED BUTTERFLY WINGS!!  YAHS!!!!!!!! I am so f*cking proud of this, guysssss!!!!!  And I cannot believe how much easier it was to work with the glass paper than I initially thought.  As long as you don't heavily exhale or sneeze onto your mat (that may or may not have happened...) while you have the pieces cut, it's actually not bad!!  And the results are amazing!!  I love these so much, I'm gonna leave this design on my nails FOR THE WEEKEND.

Yeah, that's right.

So there are a few things I want to touch on about the holographic glass paper.  Despite what it appears to be on the website, you get a LOT of this paper.  Seriously, a LOT:

I was expecting a small square of it, but I got this beast, and let me tell you - a little bit goes a long way, so this product will last you a while.  It is most definitely worth the money.  I've tried a few other shiny cellophane type paper like this, and it all just didn't work as easily - it was either too static-y or too rigid, etc.  This paper was excellent.

Another thing - it sits super smooth on my nail.  One coat of topcoat, and it's smooth - no corners sticking up or anything (though I made sure when I was putting the pieces on that there were no corners).

Overall, I would absolutely 100% recommend this product if you're looking to make a super cool shattered anything mani :D

If you'd like this particular product, you can find it at the following link with several different color options (the one in the pictures is #4)

And you can find even more nail art products (and then some!) at the main store page here:

Use the discount code in the below image for 10% off your entire order ;)

So...I *gotta* know - what do you think of this mani??  Let me know in the comments!


Holographic Glass Paper was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for nail art and a review.  My experience with the product is unique to me and my full disclosure remains 100% honest.  

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