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Friday, October 30, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

I'd love to do something epic like this for Halloween at my house, but because the weather is still so hot, the pumpkin rots very fast.  And, I would need to be living somewhere with a Home Owners Association that doesn't have a giant stick up its butt.

Anywho - on to the nails!!

Today's prompt for Crumpet's Nail Tarts is "Halloween" (duh!) and I wanted to do something fun!!  Normally with something as epic and broad as Halloween, I'd try to do something freehand.  To be perfectly Frank (cuz I hear he's a pretty honest guy), I ran out of time and energy for it.  Therefore, I went a simpler route, but I promise, it's still pretty darn cool!

I started with a basecoat of "Mercury" on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers, and "Endeavor" on my ring finger, both polishes by Different Dimension.

I then freehanded some ghosts using Glow Dove, Glow Purp, and Glow Lava by Parrot Polish, and added a Ghost from Daily Charme, and here is the result:

I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased!!  This is what I was hoping it would look like in the end, and it rarely works out that way for me :P  So yay hooray!!

What do you think of this design??  Did you do anything ghostly on your nails for Halloween?  Let me know!! :D  And have a very safe and fun and happy Halloween!!


Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Fall Collection, Part 2

***Press Sample***

It's not as hot as it had been, but it's still reaching the 90's some days.  The Starbucks baristas still ask me if I want my white chocolate mocha hot or iced...



Moving on!  I've got swatches of the second part of Octopus Party Nail Lacquer's Fall Collection to show you!!  And if you missed swatches of Part 1 of the Fall collection, you can check out my post HERE - those colors are coming back in tomorrow's pre-order ;)

Let's dive right in :D

Note: For all swatches, I used OPI's Nail Envy as the base coat and Pahlish's "Magic Mirror" for my topcoat.

First up is "Little Miss 1565:"

Little Miss 1565 is a beautiful bright red with a red shimmer and subtle flakies throughout.  Shown above is 2 coats.

Next is "The Ruins:"

Direct Sunlight

The Ruins is a lovely golden yellow holo that leans bright green in certain lighting/angles.  Shown above is two coats.

Next is "Will You Bury Me?"

Will You Bury Me? is a nice deep chocolate brown with a golden shimmer.  Shown above is 2 coats.

And lastly is my personal favorite - "Clover Shield:"

Direct Sunlight

Clover Shield is a brilliant and gorgeous green holo, and was a one-coater for me, as shown above :)

These fantastic Fall polishes will be available as a pre-order tomorrow, October 31st, from 12am EDT to 3pm EDT.  Here are all the colors that will also be re-stocked:

But Not In Vein (Fall Part 1) - limited batch
EVIL LIVE! - pre-order
Fenrir (Fall Part 1) - limited batch
Indikon (Fall Part 1) - limited batch
Metaphysics (Fall Part 1) - pre-order
No Wane - pre-order
Rake It or Leave It - limited batch
Universal Longer - pre-order

Set your alarms - lots of beauties to be bought!!!  Here's the shop link and other social links for the brand:

So what do you think of these four colors?  Any one strike your fancy the most?  Let me know in the comments!! <3


Polish was provided with blogger discount in exchange for swatch photos and an honest review.  All opinions and experience with the polish are my own and remain 100% honest.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

HPB Presents Halloween!

I'll admit it, for the *longest* time, I hated spiders.  With a passion.  My back would seize up whenever I saw one, mostly because every time I would have instant flashbacks to when I was 6 living in Virginia and decided to go out on my deck.  Had no idea that every feckin' spider in the neighborhood had decided to lay their eggs on our deck, and all the little spiderlings decided to hatch at the same time and march in a giant wave of tiny horror across the entire deck - up my legs, into my shorts and shirt, and into my hair.  You cannot simply brush tiny spiders the size of crumbs off of yourself, so I did the next logical thing - I screamed like hell, ran inside to the bathroom, and turned on the water, clothes and all.  

Scarred for life at the age of 6.  It's only been in the last two years that I've finally gotten over my huge fear of them - I blame the scorpions for that.  Dealing with those shrunken deformed lobsters from Hell is so much worse than a spider.  Spiders are cake compared.

So, in light of my recovery from spiders, I decided to do a spider design inspired by @BruisedUpDollie and @nailsbykball on Instagram for the Hobby Polish Bloggers October link-up!  Check it out:

I did a base coat of the one-coat wonder "I See France" by Digital Nails and watermarbled web designs using a silver by OPI and "Clearwater" by Pipe Dream Polish.  I then glued orange gemstones to each nail and hand painted the spider legs with acrylic paint.  I think they turned out pretty nifty, though the watermarble web look was a PITA for me.  I'm still trying to get the whole watermarbling thing down.

Whatcha think of this design?  Have you done anything similar for this Halloween season?  Be sure to check out all the other awesome Halloween designs by some of the members of Hobby Polish Bloggers through the inlinkz below!!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Sassy Polish & Scrubs Fright Night in Wonderland Collection

***Press Sample***

Normally, when it comes to Sportsball, this is me:

However...there is only one time I am actually supportive and pay attention, and that's when the Seahawks are playing - especially when they are playing against a team that almost my entire family on my husband's side supports. 

Hehehehehehehe...... *insert devilish grin here*

Alright, enough Sportsball - onto polish!  I've got swatches of one of the two new Halloween collections released by Sassy Polish & Scrubs!  This collection is called Fright Night in Wonderland and there are 6 polishes in total.

Note: For all of the photos, I am using a basecoat of OPI's Nail Envy and a quick-dry topcoat by Frenzy Polish.

We'll start with "Axe Murderer Alice:"

Axe Murderer Alice is a lovely royal blue jelly full of red, white, and black microglitters, as well as a scattered holographic effect.  Shown above in 3 thin coats.

Next up is "Ghostly Cheshire Grin:"

Ghostly Cheshire Grin is a steel grey/blue subtle duochrome with a scattered holographic effect and a purple/teal/fuchsia shift.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

Queen of Ripping Out Hearts is a deep red jelly packed with a gold shimmer, scattered holo, and red, black, and white micro glitters.  Shown above is 3 thin coats.

Here we have "Terrifying Tweedle Twins:"

Terrifying Tweedle Twins is a bright neon green/yellow (depends on your lighting) filled with yellow red micro glitters and a scattered holographic effect.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

White Rabbit Witchcraft is a white/grey creme with black and blue microglitters, white shimmer, and a subtle holographic effect.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

Lastly is "Zombified Hatter:"

Zombified Hatter is a grey/dark green shifting (depends on lighting) polish with purple micro glitters and a subtle holographic shimmer.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

Overall, this collection is really fun and quite clever!  Sometimes I noticed I had a bit more of a textured finish due to the microglitters (like with Terrifying Tweedle Twins), but with a good thick topcoat like Pahlish's Magic Mirror would have smoothed things over just fine.  

You can purchase the full collection HERE at $50.00 for the 15ml full size - 5ml mini sizes are also available individually on the website.  And here are some social links for you:

Whatcha think of this collection?  Does it call to the darker side of Alice in Wonderland? ;)  Let me know what you think in the comments! <3


Polish provided at discount in exchange for review.  All experiences with the polish are my own and remain 100% honest.  Pictures on the website may vary in color from mine due to a difference in lighting - all my photos here were taken under an ottlite.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MTK Autumn Nights Collection

***Press Sample***

Well now I feel old.  

I'm thankful though that this is actually true this time - was getting real sick of seeing, every few months, a photoshopped picture of the time machine's future date captioned, "Today is the day Marty McFly arrived in the future!"  It's pretty neat though to see how much the movie and the real October 21st 2015 have in common :)  Still waiting on my self-lacing Nike's - could really go for a pair of those now that it is a struggle to reach my feet with a big ole belly in the way ;)

Today I've got a gorgeous Fall collection to show you by MTK Design!  This collection is called "Autumn Nights" and consists of four polishes. 

Note: All swatches are shown with a base coat of OPI's Nail Envy and a topcoat of Pahlish's Magic Mirror.

Let's start with "Hunter's Moon:"

Hunter's Moon is a gorgeous deep red jelly back with red glitters and a subtle blue shimmer.  Shown above is 2 coats.

Next is "Mourningstar:"

Mourningstar is a beautiful dusty purple/grey packed with various holographic glitters.  Shown above is two coats.

Next is "Indian Summer Sunset:"

Indian Summer Sunset is a bright orange/red creme with a scattered holographic shimmer throughout.  Shown above is ONE COAT!  Love one-coaters ^_^  Word of warning - this tended to stain my cuticles just a bit, but if you use pure acetone for the cleanup, it all comes off (as you can see in the photos).

And finally we have "Midnight Stargazing:"

Midnight Stargazing is a gorgeous deep blue jelly packed full of gold and blue glitter flakies.  Shown above is 2 coats.

This whole collection is just beautiful - I love the various types of polishes available, and that they are each unique!  Definitely a great collection for the Fall season!  

You can purchase the full set HERE at $40 for the 15ml size, and $20 for the 5ml size.  They are also available individually at the same link at $10 for the 15ml and $5 for the 5ml.  Here are some of the brand's social links for you to follow:

So what do you think of this collection?  Let me know in the comments!!


Polish was sent to me by the maker for photography purposes.  All opinions and experience with the polish are unique to me and my review is 100% honest.  

Post contains an affiliate link to Amazon - While not necessary, I do appreciate it when you use that link!  It helps support my addic- er, hobby ^_^