Friday, October 23, 2015

Sassy Polish & Scrubs Fright Night in Wonderland Collection

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Normally, when it comes to Sportsball, this is me:

However...there is only one time I am actually supportive and pay attention, and that's when the Seahawks are playing - especially when they are playing against a team that almost my entire family on my husband's side supports. 

Hehehehehehehe...... *insert devilish grin here*

Alright, enough Sportsball - onto polish!  I've got swatches of one of the two new Halloween collections released by Sassy Polish & Scrubs!  This collection is called Fright Night in Wonderland and there are 6 polishes in total.

Note: For all of the photos, I am using a basecoat of OPI's Nail Envy and a quick-dry topcoat by Frenzy Polish.

We'll start with "Axe Murderer Alice:"

Axe Murderer Alice is a lovely royal blue jelly full of red, white, and black microglitters, as well as a scattered holographic effect.  Shown above in 3 thin coats.

Next up is "Ghostly Cheshire Grin:"

Ghostly Cheshire Grin is a steel grey/blue subtle duochrome with a scattered holographic effect and a purple/teal/fuchsia shift.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

Queen of Ripping Out Hearts is a deep red jelly packed with a gold shimmer, scattered holo, and red, black, and white micro glitters.  Shown above is 3 thin coats.

Here we have "Terrifying Tweedle Twins:"

Terrifying Tweedle Twins is a bright neon green/yellow (depends on your lighting) filled with yellow red micro glitters and a scattered holographic effect.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

White Rabbit Witchcraft is a white/grey creme with black and blue microglitters, white shimmer, and a subtle holographic effect.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

Lastly is "Zombified Hatter:"

Zombified Hatter is a grey/dark green shifting (depends on lighting) polish with purple micro glitters and a subtle holographic shimmer.  Shown above is 2 thin coats.

Overall, this collection is really fun and quite clever!  Sometimes I noticed I had a bit more of a textured finish due to the microglitters (like with Terrifying Tweedle Twins), but with a good thick topcoat like Pahlish's Magic Mirror would have smoothed things over just fine.  

You can purchase the full collection HERE at $50.00 for the 15ml full size - 5ml mini sizes are also available individually on the website.  And here are some social links for you:

Whatcha think of this collection?  Does it call to the darker side of Alice in Wonderland? ;)  Let me know what you think in the comments! <3


Polish provided at discount in exchange for review.  All experiences with the polish are my own and remain 100% honest.  Pictures on the website may vary in color from mine due to a difference in lighting - all my photos here were taken under an ottlite.


  1. Axe Murderer Alice is my favourite!

  2. Ooh these are fun! I really like the green÷

  3. Very pretty colors! Always enjoy your memes!!

  4. Very pretty colors! Always enjoy your memes!!

  5. Love these, especially Terrifying Tweedle Twins!

  6. OMW White Rabbit Witchcraft is AHMAZING!

  7. Flawless and gorgeous swatches ♡

  8. White Rabbit Witchcraft is my favorite by far!

  9. White Rabbit Witchcraft is my favorite by far!

  10. These are really pretty polishes! Axe Murderer Alice and White Rabbit Witchcraft are my favorites!

  11. White Rabbit Witchcraft is definitely a gorgeous shade! Love the speckled effect.

  12. oooooooo these are fantastical!! I love the names.

  13. Fantastic swatches! I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and feel like I have to have these now.

  14. The names and the polishes are on the mark! I love that it's darker.

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