Sunday, June 14, 2015

Smokey Mountain Lacquers Stamping Polish

***Press Sample***

Good morning, and happy Sunday to you!  I hope you've had a lovely weekend so far :)  This morning I want to share with you the brand new stamping polish collection just released by Smokey Mountain Lacquers!  I gotta tell you, these are some absolutely stunning colors!!!  Let's dive right in :D

*Note: I used my MoYou London Sailor Plate 07 for all the stamping designs you'll see.

First up to show you is: Aqua Blue

Next up is: Hot Pink

Next we have: Orange

Next up is: Grape

Here we have: Aqua/Teal

And lastly is: Yellow

Overall, these stampers worked great!!  I found a more squishy stamper head yielded the best, cleanest results.  The colors of each polish showed up nicely!  I was worried about Grape and Orange and first, as they seemed to have the thinnest formula of the set, but they came out just fine :)  I love these bright, summery colors!

If you want to add some of these to your stash, you can purchase the full-size 15ml set for a discounted price of $39.90 here, or individually for $7.00 each here.  These are not available in a mini size, only full size.

You can follow Smokey Mountain Lacquers via Facebook, the Facebook Fan GroupTwitter, and Instagram for updates on upcoming releases.  She's got some fizzy bombs in the works, as well as a monthly box, so I'd definitely stay tuned!

What do you think of these polishes?  Any color stand out most to you?


Polishes sent to me by maker for photography purposes and review.  Opinions remain my own and are 100% honest.


  1. I picked up Grape and Teal the night of the launch! I can't wait for them to arrive. Loving your swatches. Think I need that MoYou sailor plate!

  2. Awesome stamping polishes in some beautiful colours. Great swatches x

  3. All of these look incredible! I really love the look that you did with the aqua polish. Lovely job!!

  4. This looks like a very nice set. I especially like the Teal and Hot Pink ones.

  5. I've been eyeing these and they look fantastic! You showed them off so well here!

  6. Beautiful manicures! I need some of these in my life.

  7. Aqua blue almost reminds me of one of the new zoyas

  8. Looks great! You must have put in a lot of effort in this post, all your stamps look gorgeous!

  9. I need to buy that pink...for science of course.

  10. Your stamping, color, and plate choice are superb, as ever! I want these for sure - hope Kim gets her minis back soon - I would love to get a whole set of these.

  11. I love the one where you stamp the yellow. The result is just amazing.