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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Gothic Gala Lacquers: Art Deco Collection

***Press Sample***

Gothic Gala Lacquers has put together an absolutely *gorgeous* set of four cream polishes, all with 20's Slang terms for names, and all inspired from the colors in this Art Deco image:

Let's jump right in with the first color: "Hotsy-Totsy"

Hotsy-Totsy is a nice blue-leaning (in some lighting) grey creme polish, opaque in 2-3 coats.

Next up: "Bubs"

Bubs is a fantastic light nude creme, opaque in 2-3 coats.  This one looked a bit streaky as I applied it, but in 3 thin coats, everything leveled out nicely, and with a super shiny topcoat, it looked just perfect!

Next: "Bearcat"

Bearcat is not only a luscious and sexy red creme, it is a 1-2 coater (depending on how thick you apply) AND it stamps, as shown on the accent fingers of Hotsy Totsy and Bubs!!  Now THAT is a killer red!!

And lastly is my personal favorite: "Dewdropper"

Dewdropper is a beautiful blue-leaning (again, depending on lighting) turquoise creme, opaque in 2-3 coats.  I stamped "Bubs" over the accent finger, hoping it would be as opaque as Bearcat.  While it is not as opaque, I still really liked the effect of it over Dewdropper - so I left it ^_^  

Overall, I just love this collection!  Cremes were never really my thing before I got into nails and nail art, but I've got to appreciate the simplicity of a good creme, and the beauty of a good creme.  They're pretty great - especially this collection!!

You can purchase these individually at the links above, or you can buy the full set here at $54.00 for the 15ml full size (in the new bottles!) or $19.00 for the 7ml mini size.  Use the code MOMMRSANDME25 for 25% off your order ;)

And here, of course, are some social links for you:

So what do you think of this collection??  Do you think it captures the "Art Deco" of the 20's?  Let me know in the comments! <3


Polishes were sent to me by the maker for photography purposes and a review.  My experience with the polish and any opinions are my own and remain 100% honest.


  1. These are some really gorgeous colors! The inspiration is really neat too!

  2. Pretty colours, Dewdropper looks fab on you x

  3. Oh my gosh that red!! So incredible!

  4. These are pretty shades ! Love the stampings .

  5. This is so cool, and of course I love your stamping with them, too!

  6. Bearcat is amazing!! Beautiful swatches!

  7. Holy moly, those colours are beautiful and the stamping accent nails are perfection.

  8. I'm not huge on this bottle shape, but these are pretty cremes. :) I really like your accent stamping!