Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well it's Valentine's Day again - another Christian-holiday-turned-Hallmark :P  It's been a fun week creating lots of different mani's for various Nail Art challenges!  I wanted to show you a few I've done that I didn't blog about immediately :)

I've been doing a few designs for @NailPromote on Instagram.  Here is one from February 11th where the theme was "bows:"

Here is a design from the nail art group "Nail Crazies Unite" on FB for this week's prompt of "Love Song:"

I created this one after the love song by Maroon 5 called "Maps" :)  All but the blue polish background is freehanded.

And here is today's prompt from Challenge Your Nail Art & @NailPromote of "Happy Valentine's Day:"

I used a group exclusive by Ellagee for the base color and attached a beautiful charm by Mr. Nail Art.

I've had lots of fun so far, creating designs throughout the month - it's keeping my artistic juices flowing :D  I hope you've enjoyed them, too!  I've attached the inlinkz for both my Facebook challenge groups so you can see the other lovely and talented designs created by some incredible artists!  I'll be back tomorrow with a super awesome Twin Nail Art post with Narmai!!  You won't wanna miss it!!!

Here is the one for the Challenge Your Nail Art group:

An InLinkz Link-up

And here is the one for the Nail Crazies Unite group:


  1. I really like.the red manicure. It is perfect for Valentine's day.

  2. OMG that map is awesome! Great job! Wish I could freehand like that... I need to practice more.

  3. These are all gorgeous, but that map takes the cake!

  4. These are all fantastic and that map mani is a class apart :)

  5. Absolutely love both manis, especially the charms. I'm a huge charm collector lol.

  6. Very cool, love them all, although the maps one is my fav. :)

  7. All of these are stunning! I simply LOVE the dotted tips on the Valentine's mani!

  8. All of these look great! What polish is that in the first design?

  9. I love your designs, especially how they aren't all about hearts and cute things. I love the simplicity of the first one, just the bow as an accent over a dark base.

  10. Loved them all but bow one is so elegant

  11. Lovely manis... the map is cuper cool !!! I like your blog <3
    I post nail arts too, it would be great if we can follow each others blog