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Friday, February 19, 2016

Faeries & Folklore Inaugural Launch!

***Press Sample***

I tell you a tale of an Indie brand freshly bloomed - a brand bearing tales of mythical, magical, mystical creatures.  This brand captured the essence of Faeries and Folklore and bottled them up to offer to humankind, so that we may all wear a fairytale on our fingers.  As luck would have it, I have a sampling of these fairytales to show you today - a duo of equestrian origins and a feline inspired creation :)

I will start with "Kelpie:"

Kelpie is a rich black creme that is opaque in one coat and can also be used to stamp.

The second is titled "Unicorn Uniform:"

Unicorn Uniform is everything magical about all equestrian kind!  It is a rainbow flakie topper that could also be built up to opacity.

And this polish of everything kitteh:

Crazy Cat Lady is a glitterbomb of various shapes, sizes, and colors of glitter, and lots of cat shaped glitters, of course :)  This polish is exclusive only to members of the fan group on Facebook (I've linked it below) and there is also an exclusive code to go along with it - I suggest you join!

This Some Kind of Equestrian duo and Crazy Cat Lady will be brought to an earthly realm near you today, the 19th of February in the year of our Lord 2016 at the 15th hour of the day (3pm) Central Standard Time.  It is foretold one can capture these magical polishes at the following locations, as well as information and future mythical creature creations:

Will you be catching one of these duos? :D


Polish was sent by maker for photography and review purposes.  All experience with the polish is my own and disclosed with 100% honesty.


  1. Unicorn Uniform looks really cool and versatile!

  2. I'm not quite sure what I think yet. I'll keep my eye on this brand to see their next few collections before I pass judgement.

  3. Unicorn Uniform ♥♥♥ such a delicate beauty!

  4. What a stunning black, I do love a great black polish and it stamps too is brilliant x

  5. I like Unicorn Uniform, great effect over the black.

  6. These polishes look gorgeous! I don't like black normally but Kelpie looks amazing!