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Friday, July 1, 2016

Model City Polish Summer Collection

***Press Sample***

I feel like this year has been treating me well so far with regards to opportunities to work with indies I've wanted to work with since finding them.  Today, I get to check another favorite indie off my Indie Swatcher Bucket List, and that is Model City Polish!

Model City Polish is a brand I've been following since almost the beginning of my blogging adventures.  I think I've purchased at least 1 color from every collection/release she's produced in the last 2+ years.  She has some seriously amazing polish!!

So it's no surprise I squealed so hardcore that the neighbor's dogs went nuts when I got a message from the creator asking if I'd like to swatch her upcoming Summer collection :D  Hell to the yes!!  And I am happy to share it with you today!!!

For this year's summer collection, she took the "neon" craze in a more sparkly/shimmery/holographic direction so that these beauties would sparkle both indoors and outdoors.  All of them are named after some of her favorite poolside tunes - and they happen to be some of my favorite driving songs :P  Let's get right to them!

*Note: All of the swatches are shown in 2 coats with topcoat, shot in indirect evening sunlight.

First up: Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer is a bright sky blue blend with holographic pigment and ultra holo glitter.  This one is my second favorite in the collection - the blue is really much brighter in person than any camera could capture.

Next up: California Girls

California Girls is a bright bubblegum pink holographic with holo glitters throughout.  This shade is one of the few of pink that I like, and I actually think it looks alright with my skintone.

Next: Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer is a nice bright nude orange holographic with holographic glitters.  This polish was such a unique blending, it's one of the better oranges I've seen on the market!

Next: Sunglasses at Night

Sunglasses at Night is a nice black holo with ultra holographic glitters throughout.  It's so tough to find a black holographic that stands out from the many others, but I feel she absolutely made one with this polish!  It's my favorite of the collection :)

Next: Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl is a beautiful bright purple holo with ultra holo glitter throughout.  This one is definitely a must for all the purple polish lovers out there :D

And lastly we have: Working for the Weekend

Working for the Weekend is a fantastic bright money green holo with ultra holo glitter throughout - my third favorite in the whole collection, because it's such a perfect bright green without being too lime-like in color.

Overall this collection is fabulous!!  The formula is super smooth, dry time is very quick, and the colors are all spot-on!



How freakin' awesome is that?!!  The watermarbling detail was lost in this photo since I decided to do it over the dark Sunglasses at Night as opposed to a lighter/white color, but it still stood out, just more in person :D

Each of these polishes will be available today at 7pm CST!!  Here are some links for you:

So what do you think of this collection??  Which one strikes your fancy most?  Let me know in the comments! 


Polish was sent to me by the maker for photography purposes and an honest review, as provided above with full disclosure. 


  1. Sunglasses at Night...yes please!!! I love dark, vampy colors even in the summer!

  2. Yay!!!! I am so glad to have you on my swatching team for summer!!! You photos are simply stunning and I can't wait to work with you again! Thank you so much for your support over the years. <3

  3. Ahh these are so pretty! Boys of Summer might be my favourite.

  4. Surfer Girl & Sunglasses At Night would have to be my favourites. Definitely going on my wish list.

  5. I love me some Model City! These are fantastic.

  6. These are gorgeous and your swatches are out of this world! Great job! I love Model City too, haven't purchased in awhile but maybe I need to change that!

  7. I adore Cruel Summer--and now that song is playing through my head!!

  8. I keep staring at the turquoise, I would literally dive in it!

  9. Love the names (now I am singing all these songs in my head)! Love the colors; great variety and the sparkle is wonderful-- I kind of want them all! Your watermarble is gorgeous!

  10. These are all so beautiful! Absolutely love Nina and her creations!

  11. These are GORGEOUS! I love your brush shots, ahhh!

  12. Wow this is such a stunning collection! Boys of summer is right up my street.

  13. Sunglasses at Night is fabulous x

  14. oh my goodness, so beautiful! Your swatches are absolute perfection!