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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gothic Gala Lacquers "Conquer" and "Darkest Kiss"

***Press Sample***

This has most definitely 100% been the definition of my 2016 thus far.  Especially recently.  Lots of lots of road blocks.  I will go into more detail at a later time when shit gets sorted, but until then, please know I love and appreciate each and every one of my readers and followers, and thank you for sticking with me through my long absences!!

Let's get to some polish :)

Gothic Gala Lacquers sent me two polishes for swatching, and they are both pretty fantastic :D  Let's start with "Conquer:"

Sun Shot

Conquer is a beautiful gunmetal grey glitterbomb with blurple flakies throughout.  Opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on how thick you apply.  I am wearing two coats in the photos above with a topcoat of Smooth Me Over (also by Gothic Gala Lacquers).  It is inspired by Robin Roberts' Oscars gown, shown here:

The second polish is "Darkest Kiss:"

Darkest Kiss is a deep one-coater black matte polish with scattered holo throughout.  The ring finger in the photos above shows the polish without a topcoat.  

Because Darkest Kiss was a one-coater, I was pretty sure that meant it would stamp well, and I was right!  A fellow GGL swatcher, Sparklepuss Polish, and I did a "twin" mani using Darkest Kiss over an older GGL color from 2014 "Remember, Remember."  We used heart images from Born Pretty Store Plate 50 (you can use my code MUMQ10 for 10% off your Born Pretty store order).

Here's the result:

And I couldn't just stop there, I really wanted to use Conquer in some way...So I came up with thism using Darkest Kiss as the base, Conquer as the accents, and a Rose vinyl from What's Up Nails;

You can pick up Conquer and Darkest Kiss at the Gothic Gala Lacquers store, linked below - don't forget to use my discount code MOMMRSANDME25 for 25% off your order :D  

What do you think of these polishes?  Do you think she nailed Conquer?  Let me know in the comments below! <3

*For all swatches and nail art, I used OPI Nail Envy as my basecoat.  Here is the affiliate link where you can purchase it for a much cheaper price than drug and beauty stores:


Polishes were sent to me by the maker for photography purposes.  All experience with the polishes are my own and my disclosure remains 100% honest.


  1. Oh my gosh, Conquer totally matches her dress! I love your stamping, everything works so well together.

  2. What an awesome inspiration photo for the's kind of perfect! I love that you stamped with the black...beautiful!

  3. I love how many looks you did with these. Conquer is my favourite of the two. Not normally colours I'd think of for spring, but so so pretty!

  4. Oooo, these are gorgeously goth, and I love the art you did with them! :)

  5. Gorgeous!Conquer is fabulous. I love the nail art you did!

  6. These are beautiful, and I love what you created with them!

  7. These are beautiful and I love your rose mani.

  8. Both nail arts are fabulous but that black on black one with the rose I am in love with. It's so perfect. <3 Beautiful job!

  9. Darkest Kiss is beautiful. Your rose mani is simply divine ♡

  10. Conquer is such a perfect match for the inspiration! And the stamping mani is gorgeous!

  11. it looks like the dress was MADE of that polish!

  12. I love Conquer's inspiration, I just wish it was more olive like the dress was. I've been wanting a polish like her dress.

  13. Conquer is spot on to match that dress! Great swatches!

  14. Beautiful swatches. I hope things are getting better for you love!!

  15. Beautiful swatches. I hope things are getting better for you love!!