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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nail Hoot: The Fancy Floral Collection

***Press Sample***

Recently I was sent a new collection to review by Nail Hoot, and I was thrilled when I opened them because they are every jewel-toned color I adore (even the pink! *GASP*!).

Meet the Fancy Floral Collection!  Each polish is inspired by a type of flower, and they are all just lovely - and a welcome change of pace from the neons that seem to be taking over (not that that's a bad thing - I sure do love my neons!!).  So let's take a look at some swatch porn!!

First up: "Blue Geranium:

Blue Geranium is a lovely deep blue with lots of shine and shimmer.  Pretty easy to apply this one - it spread out nicely with no clumping, though it was a *tad* on the thicker side.  Not enough to make it a pain to work with though.  This was opaque in 2 coats for me.

Next up: "Hanging Fuchsia"

Hanging Fuchsia is a lovely light pink with a pinky/purple shimmer.  Also opaque in 2 coats.

Next: "

Midnight Sun Pansy is a gorgeous chocolate brown with a subtle gold shimmer.  I just love this one - it was my favorite of the whole collection :)  Opaque in 2 coats.

Here we have "Morning Glory"

Morning Glory is a fabulous purple with a strong blue shimmer - it actually looks more like a blurple in person, it's so lovely!  Opaque in 2 coats.

And lastly we have "Tiger Lily"

No, not THAT Tiger Lily, silly!

Tiger Lily is a fantastic orange-to-red shifting polish with a subtle pink shimmer - it looks JUST like the colors of the flower!!  This one is a close second for my favorite in this collection :D  Opaque in 3 coats for me.

Overall, this collection is lovely!  She did a wonderful job in creating polish that matches the colors in their floral inspirations.  Two polished thumbs up!

This collection is available now for purchase!  You can find them at the link below, along with Nail Hoot's other social media:

Which one of these struck your fancy the most?  Have you picked any of these up yet?  Let me know in the comments! <3


Polish was sent to me by the maker for photography purposes and an honest review, as I have provided with full disclosure above.


  1. These are such pretty polishes and I love the name of the brand, so cute!

  2. Midnight Sun Pansy looks so good on you! I can easily understand why it's your fave!

  3. I love Morning Glory and Midnight Sun Pansy. So pretty and gorgeous photos as always. <3

  4. Oh my I heed all these in my life. Your swatches are simply divine ♡♡

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous collection! I haven't tried this brand yet but I am itching for Midnight Sun Pansy, Morning Glory and Tiger Lily! Lovely swatches!

  6. Midnight Sun Pansy is *everything*. LOVE!

  7. Morning Glory is beautiful! Fantastic swatches as usual!

  8. These are all going on my wish list!

  9. Really nice, your swatches are so stunning!

  10. They are all so pretty 😍

  11. Absolutely love Midnight Sun Pansy. I can't resist the vamp. Gorgeous swatches!

  12. Oh my! Midnight Sun Pansy is amazing!

  13. I love how rich these colors are! Great swatches. :)