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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer New Releases

***Press Sample***

I was going to title this the Rave but not Rave collection as a joke for some of us in the fan group, who are set that this was turning out to be a Rave collection :P  But then I thought people may not actually read this post and find out that's not the name of the polishes, then have a conniption fit when they couldn't find the Rave but not Rave collection :P


Dave of Octopus Party Nail Lacquer recently released four new colors for summer.  So here's some swatch porn for you :D

Let's start with Disco Tech:

Blacklight Shot - BAM!

Disco Tech is an awesome purple jelly packed with various sized neon orange dots.  It's packed, but it's not super thick, like oh so many other glitter-packed polishes.  I am wearing 3 thin coats and a topcoat in the photos above over my nekkid nails.  Yeah you can see my Visible Nail Line through it - I've got naughty nails, what can I say?

Next up: Sobriquet

Sobriquet is a vampy deep, dark blue (like, Midnight Zone blue) with a smattering of blue shimmer.  It's so freakin' gorgeous, folks.  I luffles it.  My favorite of the four new polishes.  I'm wearing 2 coats with a topcoat.

Here we have: Blessed Be The Tide That Binds

Blessed Be the Tide That Binds is a sparkletastic glitter topcoat packed with various sized green and blue holo glitters, as well as a turquoise flakie shimmer.  It's glorious.  I am wearing 1 coat over Sobriquet on all fingers but the ring finger - that one's doing a solo act with 2 coats.  All nails are topcoated.

And lastly we have: Racqueteering 

Racqueteering is a HOLY CRAP neon citron color - very reminiscent of a tennis ball.  I just can't with this one - it's a perfect neon with incredibly smooth application, and opaque in 2 coats with no basecoat.  You read that right,  NO BASECOAT.  *I die...and come back.*  

You want these?  Oh c'mon, yes you do!  There will be a small re-stock this morning of the leftover bottles from the last launch.  When?  11AM EST.  Here are some linkages:

Facebook Page
Facebook Fan Group

So...what'd ya think?!??  Let me know below!


Polish was purchased by me at a special discount in exchange for an honest review, as provided above with full disclosure.


  1. Sobriquet is super pretty and that neon is amazeballs ♡

  2. That dark blue and that neon green!!

  3. I love these, they're all completely different from each other, yet fit perfectly into one fun collection! My favourite was Disco Tech, but I'm falling more and more in love with Sobriquet, lol!

  4. I grabbed Racqueteering and Sobriquet!

  5. Ooh!! Racqueteering is eye seering! I love it

  6. I love the bug circle glitters in Disco Tech! So cool!

    1. Ummm not bug glitters.. yuck. *Big* glitters! LOL

  7. Beautiful Swatches! I love Disco Tech!

  8. What a fun collection! I really like Disco Tech and Racqueteering-- holy neon!