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Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

Well, I chomped on some pavement today when I wiped out for the very first time during my morning run.  Since it is ungodly hot here in Phoenix right now, I get up around 5 and go for a run around my neighborhood for about 30 minutes with my retriever/shepherd.  I have been doing this since the beginning of the year - it was a New Year's Resolution I had made that I am actually keeping.  I had yet to trip/fall/hit the ground while running, and today was the first.

There's a particular spot along the sidewalk of one of the streets here where it is a bit uneven and the pavement sticks up. My toe found that spot today, and I bit the dust. I am totally fine, though my ego is incredibly bruised.  I am sure that if anyone was awake and saw this occurrence, I gave them a good chuckle.  Who doesn't laugh when a heavyset person suddenly trips and falls, making noises such as, "oof!" and "Uhhhhhghgn!"?  It's funny stuff!

But you know what else my neighbors saw?

They saw my dog turn around, whine a little and lay down next to me on the sidewalk, because she knew I was hurt.  They saw me with a disgruntled expression as I examined my clothing for holes/tears, then my knees and hands for scrapes.  Then they saw me laugh and pat my dog's head as I pushed my way to standing.  They saw me readjust my ear buds and clothing.  But most importantly, they saw me keep going.

Yeah, that's right.  My big butt started running again because I had a mere block left in my entire run, and I didn't want to walk the rest of the way when I was so close.

That's the thing about life - we're constantly finding those damn spots that throw us off our game and knock us off our path for a bit.  Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it knocks the wind out of you, and sometimes, you're totally fine.  The most important thing to do, is to get up, and keep going.  Seriously, just do it!  If people see you fall and laugh, who cares. They will forget about it.  They won't take it with them the rest of their lives.  And you provided them with a moment of childish glee - everybody has them :)  The sun rises, sets, and rises again, and life goes.

Hope you all had a great Friday, and will have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Polish Post tomorrow! Just got in some beautiful chrome polishes from I Love Nail Polish and am more than excited to share pics and a review with you ^_^