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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Polish Post: ILNP - "Sirene" and "Birefringence" Pictures and Review

I love nail polish!!!  I know, that was pretty evident a while ago.  But I do!! So imagine my glee when I found a brand called I Love Nail Polish ( ) that is indie and 3-Free (they do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or Dubutyl Phthalate)!  It was a happy day for me, indeed :)

The nail polish is a little more on the high-end when it comes to pricing, but still falls in that $9-12 a bottle category that I have found most indie polishes charge.  But trust me when I tell you these polishes are worth EVERY PENNY!  I placed my first order with ILNP a few weeks ago and when I got the polish in, I was blown away just by looking at it in its bottle!  After putting the colors on my nails, it's going to be tough wearing any other kind of nail polish. These colors are just beautiful!

ILNP has several different types of polishes, from holographics to jellies.  I purchased one of their multichromes (Sirene) and one of their holographic multichromes (Birefringence).  I gotta tell ya, any picture you see on the ILNP website, and even my own pictures below, will not do these two polishes justice.  At all.  I cannot stress enough how gorgeous the colors are in real life.  Take a look at my photos below:

 Birefringence is on my pointer and pinky fingers; Sirene is on my middle and ring fingers, and my thumb

(what the colors look like indoors)

Now that I am done fawning over the colors, let me tell you more about the polishes.  These two went on very easily - they did not goop-up or get thick as I was applying multiple coats, they did not bubble, and they were not streaky.  After 2 coats, the polish was completely opaque.  They are also very resistant to chipping.  After 3 days (and with no top coat) the polish still hadn't chipped.  All in all, this brand is an excellent brand of polish.  The only complaint I have about the polish is that I only have the two bottles :(  

I highly recommend checking out I Love Nail Polish.  They have a facebook page for their fans here:  Give them a "like" and let them know Mom Mrs. and Me sent you ^_^ 

That's it for today's polish post! Got some other nail polish in last week that I will be swatching and reviewing soon - once I have the heart to remove my ILNP polish... ;)  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these colors!!


  1. These colors are a perfect complement to all my abalone jewelry! Just love the purples, blues and greens :)