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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Smoke Gets In Her Eyes" Colors by Llarowe - Pictures and Review

Told you I was a fan of painting my nails ;)  A good portion of my blog will be pictures and reviews of polishes, not just because I enjoy painting, but also because I enjoy spreading the word about great polishes.

This Polish Post is about a retired color of polish called "Smoke Gets In Her Eyes" by the brand Colors by Llarowe (FB page here: ).  I actually won this bottle of polish in a giveaway a few months ago.  When it arrived and I first tried it, I immediately fell in love with the color, and the brand!  Below are some pictures of the polish.  You will have to forgive my short, uneven nails - the middle finger decided to bread AFTER I put the polish on, so I filed it down and rounded it out for the sake of the pictures :P  I also ask you forgive the dry skin around the cuticles.  I have precious little time to pamper my hands at night, and polish is the most important for me over getting rid of the dry skin.

The pink color on my pointer finger is a Sally Hansen satin polish.  The other four fingers are Smoke Gets In Her Eyes.

 Here's a picture of what the polish looks like when outside, but not in direct sunlight.

Managed to capture the green iridescence that seems to show when you are indoors by the window.

This color is pretty neat!  The color itself is a grayish brown with some beautiful red/orange glitter shimmer in the sunlight.  Indoors, as seen above, it shimmers green at certain angles.  It's really a lovely polish, and a more subtle holo tone.  The polish stayed on for a good 3-4 days with no chips or damaged tips (again, would probably have lasted longer on someone who is not a mom of two small children :P ).  

The fact the polish is such good quality made me want to buy more of the same brand - so I did!! The new polish will be coming in this week and next as Llarowe fulfills their shipments.  They had a re-stock last week and tons of their colors were retiring.  They've got lots of giveaways going on currently on their facebook page due to hitting their recent milestone of 100,000 "likes" (congrats to them!), so I highly recommended giving them a "like" yourself - and be sure to click "get notifications" so you know when those giveaways are happening!

New polish coming in means more Polish Posts in the near future :D  Stay tuned, subscribe, leave me a comment if you'd like - especially if you have a blog you'd like to share! Until next time ^_^

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