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Monday, May 12, 2014

Feelin' a little Jaded

I am at the beginning of recovery from this past week and weekend. I don't think I've ever been that busy in my entire life.  All last week I was power cleaning the house, running errands, and cleaning up the front and back yards (which mostly entailed vacuuming up leaves and laughing maniacally because my leaf sucker is a recently acquired luxury that replaced the damn rake).  I was doing all this in preparation for the Hubs' parents arriving and in preparation for my youngest son's birthday party on Saturday.  I had 10 extra people in my house, so I was a bit nervous at the idea of playing hostess to so many.

The whole shindig went really well, thankfully :)  Everyone got along great, the weather here was beautiful and not too hot, so most everyone stayed outside, playing Baggo and socializing.  Somewhere in the day, though, right before everyone ate food, we misplaced the box of plasticware I got for the party, so people were pillaging my silverware >.<  I can only hope none of it ended up in the trash... Oh, and we found the damn plasticware after everyone was done eating -_-  Go figure.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was wonderful!! I hope everyone else enjoyed the day as well, whether as a mother or celebrating with mom, or celebrating her memory <3  I got to have a very nice breakfast with my mom in law, and a lovely afternoon with my mom getting pedicures and shopping!  While I do enjoy doing my own nails, I prefer someone else do my feetsies, mostly because I have a mom belly to work around, and it's easier for someone else to reach my feet :P  No shame.  That's life ;)

After a jam-packed week and weekend, I'm feeling quite Jaded, but more in the "tired" sense than "bored."  Looking forward to a semi-relaxing week with the in-laws, taking advantage of the free babysitting so I can get some chores done and miscellaneous projects (which I may very well be posting here later).

Speaking of Jaded, thought I'd insert another little nail design/review of this really neat nail polish I found on  The brand name is Jade, and they have a number of different types of nail polishes.  Recently, I've been looking to expand my holographic collection, and have been unable to find any good ones in stores.  Llarowe is a hub for tons of indie-made polishes and other polishes that are hard to find in stores, like Color Club.  I found 3 polishes by the Jade brand that were pretty holographics with good ratings, so I did my first order with them, and shortly thereafter my polish arrived!  I will mention that when/if you order from Llarowe, since they are more indie, they don't ship out super quickly, which isn't a huge issue if you know that ahead of time.  Otherwise, you'll be tapping your foot wondering what's taking so long.  They still ship out pretty quickly considering the amount of traffic they receive on a daily basis!

Back to the polish, I had ordered the colors "Deja Vu" (fuchsia pink), "Psicoldelica" (silvery/white), and "Hypnose" (like a peacock light blue).  The polish went on really easily and dried quickly, too, which is a very desirable quality in a polish when you're the mother of two small children who have a knack for needing you for something right after you apply your polish.  The holographic effect didn't stand out too much unless I was in direct sunlight, then rainbows shot off my fingertips!  The colors themselves though are beautiful and look lovely indoors, as well. I took a few pictures outside and inside so you can see the difference:

 (In direct sunlight)

(In the shade outside)

 I think it's a good brand of polish, and good for those who like a more subtle holographic color.  I, on the other hand, need something just a bit more bold :)  The polish also stayed on really well, and lasted about 3 days before it started to wear at the tips, and chip (but keep in mind, I'm also a mom and am cleaning dishes, changing diapers, opening stuff, all day long. For this polish to withstand that kind of wear is pretty impressive).

I suppose I should stop blabbering for now and get something productive done around the house - maybe something crafty ^_^  Hope you all survive your Monday!

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