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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Press Sample: New M Polish Colors!

***Press Sample***

This Tuesday is soooo acting like a Monday for me :P  Let's talk about some polish to make it better ^_^

I received four of the seven new colors released yesterday by M Polish, and let me tell you, they are all STUNNERS!!!  If you didn't already know, M Polish is a 5-free indie brand specializing in premium quality stamping polish.  Truth be told, it is the most unique, beautiful, and easy to work with stamping polish I've come across yet!

Her new collection is called "Polish of My People" and she named each of the 7 colors after some of her nail friends that have not only been enablers in polish buying, but also very supportive of her polish making :)  Let's take a look at the four colors I received, shall we?

First up - "Pish Plashin' Around:"

Pish Plashin' Around is a gorgeous bright blue polish.  Depending on your computer/phone, this polish may look more blurple (it does on my phone for some reason, no matter how hard I tried to tweak it).  As you can see in the macro, this polish hugged every curve and detail in the butterfly and the plant, leaving no naked space when transferred!  I am wearing it as a base on my middle and ring, and for the stamped imaged on my pointer and pink.  The white polish in the photos is "Snowberry" from her Spring collection.

Next is "I Need A Vacation:"

I Need A Vacation is a beautiful burnt red polish that, as you can see from the photos, also does an excellent job transferring ALL detail from intricate images - check out the hummingbird's beak!!  Amazing!!  For the background, I watermarbled Snowberry and Annette (from the Mama Loves Polish duo), then stamped over it :)

Here is "Fresh Perspective:"

Fresh Perspective is a lovely bright pink color that stamps as perfectly as the others :)  I wanted to go with a more funky and fun design for this polish, and it gave me the opportunity to finally use one of my fun HeHe plates!

Last up is "Hottie:"

Hottie is a bright orange polish, with the same application as the rest.  I watermarbled Snowberry and Starflower together from the Spring collection, and stamped Hottie over using images from the Sailor #7 plate by MoYou London (my first MYL plate ever, received as a gift ^_^ ).  I love these little fishies, and how this looks like an underwater scene!  The detail that came through with each fish is fantastic - this polish truly is remarkable, I can't say it enough!!

The full collection launched yesterday and is still available and in stock right now!  Price for the 11ml full collection is $43, and for the 5ml minis $21.  Individual prices are $6.50 for 11ml, and $3.50 for minis.  Here are some links for you:

Store: Here

Facebook Page: Here

Instagram: Here

What do you think of these polishes?  Do you own any from this brand yet?  Do you plan on picking up any of these new colors?


Polishes sent to me by M Polish for designs and review.  My opinion remains 100% honest.


  1. These are beautiful in colour and the way they stamp! :)

  2. I love the hummingbird! It's precious.

  3. Gorgeous! I got the spring collection, I haven't had a chance to play with them yet

  4. I love these! Pish Plashin' is my fav. ;)

  5. Great stamping! I just ordered the minis today and can't for them to arrive!!

  6. I just got the Spring collection and tried them out today. Definitely the best stamping polishes I've ever used! Now I just need some nice stamping plates! I love the fish you stamped with Hottie.

  7. I really really love what you've done here!

  8. Everything looks gorgeous but my favorite is the stamping with I Need A Vacation.

  9. I'm more than thoroughly convinced that I need some M Polish in my life, it's so gorgeous!

  10. These are all awesome! I especially love the mani using I Need a Vacation.

  11. Wow!! I love the first stamping-over-watermarble mani the best. Gorgeous!

  12. I get increasingly envious the more M Polish manis I see. I love the fishy mani using Hottie! Reminds me of your fish widget. :D