Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stamp One, Stamp All Ten! "Favorite Flower"

I recently joined a nail stamping group on Facebook called "Stamp One, Stamp All Ten!" because I wanted to push and, well, challenge myself to improve on stamping.  I wasn't able to participate in the other challenges this month, but was able to participate in the last one!  The theme for this final prompt for this month is "Inspired by your favorite flower."  I have a number of favorite flowers, but am very limited on what I can stamp due to a small number of stamping plates with flowers on them :P

I settled on a Flowers plate I purchased in a group buy from Ali Express.  There were rose patterns and little flower patterns.  I used "Aunt Beast" by Literary Lacquers for the base color:

I then used white and yellow stamping polish from Moon Nails Supply with the flower images:

Yellow roses are my absolute favorite color of rose, and the white flowers are to emulate my favorite garden flower - Alyssum :)

White it's definitely not the prettiest mani I've ever done, I liked having to figure out ways to make the designs work with what plates I have.  I look forward to May's challenges!

What's your favorite nail art style?  Do you favor stamping?


  1. The base color is gorgeous and you did a wonderful job with the stamping! <3

  2. These are beautiful! That polish is gorgeous and I love how you did the stamping!

  3. The base color you chose is so gorgeous, and I love the yellow stamping!

  4. That yellow rose is absolutely gorgeous! I have a hard time not buying every floral plate I see, they are some of my favorite image types.

  5. Everything about this mani is so chic from the base to the stamping! Love love love the whole look!