Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ellagee's The Purple One and Daddy Pop + Nail Art

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Any Prince fans in the house?  If you are waving your arms frantically in the air (in your mind) to show Yes! you are a Prince fan! then this post is for you!  Laura of Ellagee is also a Prince fan and created a special collection called The Arist full of purple and gold polishes inspired by him.  I've got two of those to show you today!

Whenever I think of Prince I think of the movie Pretty Women and the scene when she's singing Kiss in the bathtub :D  So I've had that song stuck in my head since editing these photos :P

The first of the two polishes to show you is called "The Purple One:"

 (Ambient Sunlight)

The Purple One is a gorgeous royal purple holo with a golden shimmer throughout.  Opaque in two coats, it applies smoothly, evenly, and dries to a semi shiny finish.

I decided to add some nail art to these, since it's Prince and all, and he is The Arist ;)  So I used an image of his profile from google and inverted it in my photoshop program:

Image Source: Here

I then painted the inverted profile onto my nails:

If you take my nail art and invert it again, it looks very close to the original:

Eh, it was fun :P  I used the second polish, "Daddy Pop," as a glitter accent on the tips:

Daddy Pop dries to a semi-textured finished, so a nice layer or two of a glossy topcoat, like HK Girl, will finish the look nicely.

So what do you think of these polishes?  Do you feel they represent The Artist well?  You can find these two polishes with the rest of the collection Here.  You can also follow her on Instagram Here and Facebook Here, and join the Facebook fan group Here for group customs and sneak peaks!  


One polish provided with discount code for review purposes.  My opinions are in no way swayed and remain 100% honest.


  1. Yes!! I love these! Also, your Prince nails is amazeballs!!!

  2. Massive Prince fan and love these polishes and their names :)

  3. That is such a cool design! You totally nailed the profile!

  4. Lovely! I will definitely get the Purple One.

  5. Not a prince fan, but I love this polish

  6. That polish is so compelling, and I love your gentle nail art with it. :)

  7. So pretty! I have most of this collection and they are fantastic!

  8. Not a big Prince fan but love your nail art! Your profile nails are stunning!!!!

  9. That inversion is so cool! Great job on painting Prince!