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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Challenge - Geometrics

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!!

I have recently stumbled upon another nail art challenge for the month of November, hosted by the Instagram user CaliforNails.  I had so much fun with the October challenges that I wanted to continue with these new ones!!

Now when I found this challenge, I had already missed out on the November 1st theme of "Movember" (which I fully intend to make up in the next few days), but was able to complete the second theme of "Geometrics."  Here is the design I came up with:

I've never done any kind of geometric design before, so this was indeed a challenge for me.  I used nail tape to create triangular patterns over my bare nail, rather than putting down a color as a base.  I then painted in the sections with "Strawberry Fields" by Black Dahlia lacquer (pinky and thumb), "Dahlia" by Sweet Heart Polish (ring finger), and "Wuyi Mountain" by Elevation Polish (middle finger).  I think the colors complement each other really well and help to set off that geometric look nicely :)  I am pleased!

The next theme is "plaid" for November 7th - another design I have never done!  Send good vibes my way - I'm gonna need them for this one!! :P

Tomorrow I will have a mega post for you featuring the brand new "V for Vendetta" collection that releases tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it!  See you soon <3

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