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Monday, November 17, 2014

*Press Release*: Ice Polish Fall Collection Swatches & Review


Welcome back to another Monday!  Did you at least have a nice weekend?  I hope so - mine was not too shabby!

Today I have a post for you featuring the Fall Collection by Ice Polish releasing this Wednesday, the 19th!  The four are themed around Fall/Thanksgiving/, and they are just perfect!

We'll start with "Where's My Pie?"

Where's My Pie? is a beautiful plum/red grape color with golden flecks of glitter that give it a nice gold shimmer in the sunlight.  This polish took 3 thin coats to make it opaque and dried in under 5 minutes to a matte finish.  Photos above are shown with one layer of clear topcoat.

Next up is "Cranberry Coma:"


 Different angle to show one of the color shifts

Cranberry Coma is a multichrome cranberry/purple/gold polish.  This polish applied very smoothly and took 3 thin coats to make it opaque.  It dried in under 5 minutes to a satin finish.  Photos above are shown with one added layer of clear topcoat.

Next we have "Gobble Me Up:"


Gobble Me Up is a gorgeous gold metallic color with a scattered holographic effect in the sunlight.  Opaque in 3 thin coats, this polish dried in under 5 minutes to a satin finish and is shown in the pictures with an added layer of clear topcoat.

Lastly we have "Shop Now, Sleep Later:"


Shop Now, Sleep later is a lovely midnight blue jelly with scattered holographic glitters.  This polish is opaque in three thin coats and dries in under five minutes to a shiny finish.  

The Ups: All four of these polishes are just beautiful!  I love that every one of them screams Fall/Thanksgiving to me, especially the Cranberry Coma and Gobble Me Up!  I love that the application on each was very smooth with no clumping or any layers underneath being pulled with each added layer on top.  I also appreciate the fast dry-time on these.  As an added bonus, NONE of these polishes stained at all - not even the skin!  They were very easy and mess-free to remove.  Ice Polish did a great job creating a nice variety of polishes, as well, in this collection.  It is good to see that they aren't ALL jellies, or glitters, or holographics.  It is wonderful to see a nice mix :)

The Downs: The only thing I could consider a down (and even then, it's not really a "down" so much as it is something to keep in mind) is just that Where's My Pie? is a little thick and you need to be careful when applying.  I did three thin coats because I felt if I did anything too thick with the formula the way it is, it would look uneven, or maybe pull at the layers underneath.  It was still a smooth application, however, despite being a bit thicker.

Overall:  Once again, this brand has not failed to meet and exceed expectations on her polishes!  It's pretty clear by now (what with all the princess/villain posts) that I'm a big fan of Ice Polish, and these four colors make me love it even more!  They are each unique and they are all beautiful.  They are a perfect set of Fall colors and I would absolutely recommend each one of them without hesitation!

Here are some social links for you to purchase polish and keep up-to-date with the brand!

Shop:  Here  

Facebook:  Here (be sure to give her page a "like" - she's so close to 1,000 followers!)

Instagram:  Here

I will be posting short, 15 second videos of each polish on my Instagram account over the next few days to show what they look like in direct sunlight.  I also have a short video showing all the color shifts of Cranberry Coma, too :)

I hope you all enjoyed this Monday's post!  I will hopefully be posting more art this week, so stay tuned!  See you soon <3

*NOTE:* While these polishes were sent to me by Ice Polish for swatches, my review is 100% honest and is not swayed in any way.  Links I provide are NOT affiliate (i.e. I get no kickback when you click on them through my blog).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)

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