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Friday, November 7, 2014

November Nail Art Challenge: Plaid

Happy Friday!!  I hope you all survived your week and have some awesome plans for this weekend ^_^

Today is the 3rd challenge theme created by CaliforNails on Instagram.  Here's the full schedule:

Image Source: Here

As you can see, the theme is "plaid."  I gotta say, this one was a toughie for me.  I had a problem picking on design, then I had a problem keeping my lines straight.  Ugh!!  Who knew that painting tiny details in picture form on my nails would be easier than painting a straight line :P  I have BIG respect for the beautiful ladies that do these types of design all the time like it's no big deal.  You all are amazing!

So, here is my sad, sad Plaid design:

*sigh* I will probably do my best to try this design again soon, not only in better colors, but with all the nails the same pattern.  I feel like I need to redeem myself.  I actually tried to re-create the patterns of some of my knee-high socks I had to wear as part of my uniform in high school :)  The socks look much better than the nails :P  Ah well, at least I tried, and can now say I have done this particular design before!  Silver lining!

Next up is a tape mani - I'm feeling more confident about that one ;)  Have a wonderful Friday!!  See you soon <3


  1. This is not a sad plaid design! This is so fun and fall. I love it!

    1. Well thanks, Jessica! I'm just so much less confident with patterns and designs than I am with freehand :P so glad you love it!! ❤️

  2. As soon as I saw this I thought about those socks! Looks just like my memory of them :)

    1. :D Those were my favorite because they are so warm!!