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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Water Marble: Attempt Number 1!

It is *finally* starting to get cold here in Phoenix - and by "cold" I mean staying in the mid 60's, low 70's :P  Sweater weather for us, here :D  The cooler weather brings that Fall feeling along with it - so I've been LOVING it!  Fall is my favorite season, and is one of the things I miss most about Washington State - Fall is absolutely gorgeous out there.

I've been itching to do more Fall-like nail designs, and the first one I've done also happens to be my first attempt at water marbling!  The farthest I've gotten before with water marbling was dropping it in the water, but the polish never spread out and I got frustrated.  I abandoned it because I was so frustrated, and never really wanted to try it again.

I bought 3 of Model City Polish's new Fall Colors when the released, and when I received them, I had an idea for a water marble pattern that would look pretty cool.  I have seen lots of different designs but one stood out as really unique - and that was the marbling that looked like a wood pattern.  Since the colors I ordered were all browns/tans, I wanted to give it a shot.  This is how it turned out:

For my first actual attempt, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!  It doesn't look as wooden as I wanted it to, but it still looks pretty nifty!  I love that the colors actually cooperated - some polishes don't want to be marbled :P  This is a design I'll be trying again, next time on all nails, and maybe with some creative freehand design on top ^_^

That's all for today - short and sweet :)  Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!  See you soon <3

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