Monday, March 30, 2015

Smokey Mountain Lacquers: New Lip Balm

***Press Sample***

Taking a quick detour from polish to show you a brand new item from Smokey Mountain Lacquers - a lip balm!

Her lip balm comes in a 10ml sized pot-shaped container.  The balm is vegan friendly (always a plus!) and is made with hydrogenated soybean oil, cocoa butter, octyl methoxycinnamate, ethylhexyl salicylate, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, organic coconut oil, stevia leaf extract, and strawberry flavor oil (for the strawberry scented balm).  It also contains SPF 15, so it is definitely ideal for these upcoming Spring/Summer months with all that sun!

I loved this balm the moment I opened it - and I love it even more after using it!  The balm was packaged very well and included a pop-off seal under the screw-on lid, to help keep the balm from drying out.  The scent is subtle and not overpowering, and there really isn't a taste once it's on the lips.  I know some people like flavored lip balm - I am not one of them, because I really don't want to be licking it all off when it is supposed to stay on :P

The balm stayed on my lips for a good 2+ hours without needing any re-application!  I can tell it hydrates my lips more than most because of how soft they are after the balm has worn off.  It has definitely become my new go-to balm!

The only aspect of the balm that is a little bit of a hassle for me is getting it out of the container - I've got rather long fingernails so it is difficult to get my finger in there and remove balm without getting it underneath my nails.  But!  I came up with a very simple and easy solution - I used a make-up applicator!

Makes for easier application onto the lips as well, without any balm going to waste on my fingers.  AND, it stores perfectly in the container so I don't lose it!

It rests nicely on the pop-off seal and still allows me to screw the cap back on the balm completely :)

The applicator I used is from the brand E.L.F. and you can find them in stores like Target for uber cheap (I think this came in a pack of ten for $1).

You can purchase the balm here and you can choose either strawberry flavored, or pink frosting (I'm getting that one next!).

What do you think of this product?  Are you always looking for the right balm?


Product was sent to me for testing and review by Smokey Mountain Lacquers.  My opinion is in no way swayed and remains 100% honest.


  1. Great review! I wish there was a stick version, potted lip products are just too messy for me.

  2. Sounds lovely! I also don't like sticking my fingers into the pots. Most pots don't have the seal either

  3. Awesome nothing better than something that leaves your lips hydrated. I suffer badly in the colder months. I too don't like sticking my fingers into pots, I use cotton buds :)

  4. Nice review. I liked your idea of using applicator. I liked the fact that it is long lasting.

  5. I have a couple of her body butters and really like them.

  6. I am always looking for the right balm, my lips are always dry, I have to consider this one.

  7. I have like 10 balms at a time. Love the stuff. Thanks for sharing!