Thursday, March 5, 2015

Press Sample: MTK's Haute Cuisine Collection

***Press Sample***

A little while back, I reviewed the Cafe Collection of coffee-scented polish by the brand MTK Design.  I am delighted to share with you the brand's new Haute Cuisine collection that launches tomorrow!!  Let's get right to the beauties!

This lovely shimmery nude is "Wild Mushroom Bisque:"

The Pointer finger is with HK Girl topcoat, the middle is a matte topcoat, and the ring in the natural finish of the polish

Wild Mushroom Bisque is a lovely nude with a gold/copper shimmer.  Opaque in 2 coats, it dries in under 5 minutes to a satin finish.

Next up is "Sweet Rose Marsala:"

 Again, Pointer is Glisten & Glow, middle is matte, ring is natural finish
A freehand painted rose ^_^

Sweet Rose Marsala is as its name suggests - a lovely marsala color with a subtle golden shimmer.  Opaque in one coat (yes, you read that right!), it also dries in under 5 minutes to a satin finish.

Here is "Sauteed Asparagus:"

Sauteed asparagus is a beautiful sage/jade green with a gentle golden shimmer.  Opaque in 2 coats, this polish dries in under 5 minutes to a satin finish.

And last up is my favorite of the bunch - "Blue Crab Cakes:"

C'mon, how could I not?! :D

Blue Crab Cake is a gorgeous medium/ocean blue with a misty white/gold shimmer.  Opaque in 1 coat (yep, another 1-coater!), it dries in under 5 minutes to a satin finish.

The Ups: I love that these polishes are so versatile - you can leave them with their satin finish, or add a glossy topcoat to really make the shimmer pop, or even mattify it and bring out the bold hues of the base color!  The formula is solid, too, and I certainly appreciated the quick dry time.

The Downs: Since these are 1-2 coaters, they are on the thicker side of nail polish.  This does not mean they are a pain to work with - this just means that you need to wait a little longer between coats to make sure you don't drag the layer underneath when applying the second.  Just need to be mindful of it, and all will be well :)

Overall, this is a great collection!  Gorgeous colors with lots of personality to explore!!  You can pick these up at their Etsy shop (I'll link at the end) at the following prices:

Minis - $5
Mini Collection - $18
Full Size - $10
Full Size Collection: - $38

Here is the link to the shop: MTK Design 
Facebook Page: Here
Instagram: Here
Twitter: Here
This collection launches TOMORROW!!   Will you be picking any up?? :D


Polishes were sent for swatches and review by the company.  This is no way affects my opinion, which remains 100% honest.


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