Thursday, March 19, 2015

Smokey Mountain Lacquers Spring 2015 Collection

***Press Sample***

Tomorrow is the official first day of Spring, so it is only fitting to show you the gorgeous new Spring collection by Smokey Mountain Lacquers that is releasing TODAY!  There are 8 beautiful polishes in this collection.  

Let's start with "Heart of Steel":

Heart of Steel is a medium grey linear holo with gunmetal flakies.  Definitely a shiny polish in direct sunlight.

Next is "Hello Sunshine:"

Hello Sunshine is a medium gold beige with gold shimmer, and glitter that subtly shifts from gold to green to blue - definitely a stunner!

This beauty is "Life's A Peach:"

Life's a Peach is a pastel peach linear holo, and the first peach color I actually LOVE!

Here is "Pink About It:"

Pink About It is a pastel pink linear holo - isn't it just such a darling pink??

Here is, "Poppy Fields:"

Poppy Fields is a coral pink/red linear holo.  The holo really stands out in this one, and looks fantastic in direct sunlight!

Next up is, "Time Willows Tell:"

Time Willows Tell is a lovely medium teal/mint green linear holo that is absolutely gorgeous!!

This jaw-dropper is, "Wild Blue Yonder:"

Wild Blue Yonder is a gorgeous light blue linear holo.  My pictures couldn't capture to true beauty of this polish - definitely my favorite of the bunch :D

And last but not least is "You Gotta Lilac This:"

You Gotta Lilac This is a light shimmery silver/purple linear holo, with glitter that shifts from red to orange to yellow.  This polish has a lot of character and seems to be a different color in different lighting :)

The Ups: Most of the polishes are one-coaters (yes, you read that right!), but I did two thin coats for each to ensure an even application.  They all dried very quickly and dried to a nice, shiny finish.  While they all go together nicely, they also each have unique features that set them apart.  This is a nice variety of colors and finishes sure to please just about everyone!

The Downs: None that I could find!  Some people may not like one-coaters (because they are thicker), but I didn't find it to be an issue at all, even with application.

Overall: This is a fabulous collection!!  I love all the Springy colors and all the different finishes :)

This collection is releasing at 8pm EST tonight and can be purchased at the store, here.  I'll also give you social links for the brand:

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

Twitter: @smokymtlacquer

So what do you think of this collection?  Which polish is your favorite?


Polishes provided by the company for swatches and a review.  My opinions remain 100% honest and unbiased.


  1. Your shots of these are just lovely! You really make me want to try out this brand, I haven't tried Smokey Mountain Lacquers before, but this collection is quite tempting! I'm a sucker for peach so I definitely love Life's a Peach and Poppy Fields is also gorgeous!

  2. Hello Sunshine is a little to brush strokey but I love all the others.

  3. Such pretty swatches and beautiful photos x

  4. Great swatches! I like Poppy Fields a lot!

  5. I love Smokey Mountain Lacquers! Poppy Fields is my fav

  6. Pink about it and Wild blue yonder :)

  7. I love the nail art you did to compliment the names of these shades. Very nice! The whole collection looks great.

  8. Wow. Such lovely nail colors and beautiful swatches. Love your nails. My Fav. would be 'Pink about it' ;)

  9. I love Smokey Mountain! I will definitely be picking up minis of this collection.

  10. Beautiful swatches and I'm in love with all your accent nail art. It must have taken so much time!

  11. WOW! Great swatches and adorable nail art! Time Willows & Poppy Fields are my favs of the bunch!

  12. Beautiful swatches!! I absolutely love how you paired your accent nail with each polish!

  13. Life's A Peach is my favorite...sooo beautiful. :)

  14. These are soooo perfect! Life's A Peach and Poppy Fields are my faves! And don't even get me started about your accent nails, they are stunning :)

  15. These are all lovely spring colors, I really like them.

  16. Poppy Fields and You Gotta Lilac This are my favorites!!!