Saturday, March 7, 2015

Press Sample: I,A.M. Custom Color Cosmetics March & April Duos

***Press Sample***

Happy Saturday to you all!  Today I have the March and April Duos (releasing today!) by I, A.M. Custom Color Cosmetics to show you!  Every month, the creator Ashlie comes up with two polishes inspired by a ballerina and a song, and they are called "Ashe's Faves."  We'll get started with March's pair :)

The March duo consists of a gorgeous pink rainbow flakie called "Светлана" - named for Svetlana Zakharova, a Russian trained Prima Ballerina with amazing extensions.  A video of a sample of her dancing is here if you are interested.  Here are pics of the polish:

Since this is a jelly polish, it was never 100% opaque, but I am wearing three thin layers in the pics, and you can barely see my nail line.  The polish dried in under 5 minutes to a semi-shiny finish, but I added a quick topcoat in the photos above.

The second polish in this duo is a neon purple jelly with contrasting blue shimmers "Phenomenon," named after the Yeah Yeah Yeah's song "Phenomena."  Here's what this polish looks like:

Phenomenon is  a bit more opaque in three coats, mostly due to that gorgeous blue shimmer.  This polish also dried in under 5 minutes to a semi-shiny finish, however I did add a topcoat in the photos above.

The second duo releasing today is April's and it is the perfect duo holding that Spring feeling!  Let's start with "Come Around," a gorgeous neon spearmint green creme polish with gold glitters and flakies.  This polish is inspired by the song "Come Around" by MIA and Timberland.  Here are some pics:

Come Around is opaque in 2-3 layers, depending on how thick you layer (I am wearing three coats in the photos, topped with Glisten and Glow).  This polish also dried in under five minutes to a shiny finish. 

The second polish in the duo is "The Marie," a pastel glitter bomb with some iridescent glitters.  This polish is named after Marie Taglioni, one of the first noted ballet dancers to go on pointe, and also standardize the shorter Romantic era tutu.  Since she pre-dates film and photography, there are no videos of her to share, but there is a link here with more information.  Here are some swatches:

 Shown over a purple creme

 Shown over Come Around

The Marie spread out nice and evenly - I didn't have any clumping issues, and it is shown in two thin coats in the photos above, topped with Glisten and Glow to add extra shine and the smooth it over.  The polish dried in under 5 minutes to a shiny finish, and wasn't as textured as I anticipate it to be, as the majority of glitter toppers are when they dry.

The Ups: These two duos contain very unique polishes bursting with color!  I love that March's has such bright colors, almost making me what to skip spring and bring on the Summer fun!!  I've always been a sucker for flakies, too, so the rainbow flakies in Светлана are just gorgeous!!  I'm also totally in love with the gorgeous green color of Come Around - it's the perfect Spring Green!  I appreciated that all the polishes dried in a short amount of time, too - always a bonus for a stay at home mom ;)

The Downs: The flakies in the first duo made the formulas a bit on the thicker side, which is not a problem, just something to keep in mind as you are applying more layers.  

Overall: Ashlie did a great job with these two duos!!!  I love the creativity in each polish and how she's inspired by dance and music.  The colors are fantastic individually, and they also complement each other well - especially the neon pink and purple! 

These duos will be available for purchase today!!  Here are some links for you:

Shop: Here
Facebook: Here
Facebook Fan Group: Here
Instagram: Here

What do you think of these duos?  Which polish or duos is your favorite?  Will you be picking one of them up? :)


Polishes provided by the company for swatches and a review.  My opinion is in no way swayed, and remains 100% honest.


  1. Phenomenon is gorgeous! I think the first duo is my favorite. Great swatches! :0)

  2. Phenomenon and Come Around are my favourites. Come Around is also great for St. Patrick's! I won't be getting any of these. Shipping to Africa is a PITA.

    1. It can be pricey but I have shipped to SA and all corners of the globe, easy peasy! It breaks my heart to hear anyone unable to enjoy them, so I try my hardest to get them where they need to be! xoxo

  3. Phenomenon is my fave of the bunch but all your swatched are lovely!

  4. Come Around is my favorite, it does remind me of spring!

  5. Oh why do i have to love everything so much, these look awesome!!

  6. Phenomenon is gorgeous! Also one of my favorite songs. :D

  7. Come Around is so so beautiful!

  8. These are pretty, nice swatches

  9. These are cute for spring! Great mix of finishes and colours :)

  10. I LOVE Phenomenon!!! Beautiful swatches!

  11. I adore Phenomenon! Thank you for sharing your swatches, they are lovely!

  12. Bright summery colors are so needed!! I'm loving all of these.

  13. Phenomenon is my favorite and it looks so gorgeous on you as well.

  14. Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate the wonderful comments! :)

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