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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MoYou Nails Spring Stamp Designs


Hello lovelies!  Keeping this short and to the point today - been battling really bad allergies the past few days so everything is a bit fuzzy at the moment.

A few weeks ago I received some Spring-themed plates and a few polishes from MoYou Nails:

I decided to do three different nail designs that would showcase the versatility of the polishes.  The first design I did was a Jelly Stampwich:

I used "Amy," "Jessica," "Kristy," "Kass," and "Tammy" from Creative Cuticles Nail Polish for the jellies and stamped using my MoYou stamp and scraper and white polish.  I chose images from plates 12203209 and 102 and stamped in three layers, leaving the top stamp layer white.  I love how this mani turned out - it's so Springy with the images, but it's a hint of summer with the neon jelly colors!

The second design I created is a gradient with a stamped image over it.

I used MoYou light blue and Orange You Glad nail polishes for the gradient background.  I then stamped with an image from plate 124 using Lilac nail polish color.  I was definitely going for more of a summer mani with this design, specifically for all my friends who are still dealing with frigid weather and snow :)

The last mani design I did is my favorite of the three - it is a combination of a water marble and stamping.

This design was created specifically to see if these polishes that already stamp well, would also water marble - and I am pleased to say they do!  Now the patterns may not be the best - I'm still very much a noob to the water marble technique, but the polishes spread out nicely on the water and were very easy to work with.  On a plain white base (I have found with naked nail, the water marble is very thin and see-through, so you really want to put a solid color base coat first), I used LilacLight BlueMaleficence, and Orange You Glad colors on their own with White for the water marble design on each nail.  I then stamped images from plates 12203102, and 209 using the same polish colors over the water marbling.  With a matte topcoat to finish, the result reminds me of porcelain ^_^  Porcelain reminds me of all the tea parties I used to have as a little girl in the Springtime :)

Overall I have to say I am impressed with the versatility of the polish by MoYou Nails!  I figured, after using the white polish I received in the kit I purchased at ISSELB2015, the other polishes would stamp just as well, and I was correct.  I had no issues with images picking up and transferring - all the little nooks and crannies in each design showed up.  Water marbling was just out of curiosity, and I think it's awesome that they work well for that, too!  I now have found a brand that wears well on its own, stamps perfectly, and also water marbles.  Win, win, win! :D

With regards to the plates, I love how much detail is in the images, especially the butterflies!  I love even more that nothing is lost in the image transfer process - really makes the mani look fantastic!  I am incredibly pleased with these products and can't wait to order some more to play with for Summer!

You can find all these MoYou Nails products by following the hyperlinks, or you can peruse these links:

Shop: Here

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

Twitter: Here

What do you think of these designs?  Which one is your favorite?  Have you tried this brand and these products before?


Products provided by MoYou Nails for review.  My opinions remain 100% honest.


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