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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You-Pick-My-Art Catch-Up

Happy Tuesday, lovely people!!  I cannot tell you how nice it is to finally have time to sit down and write this post for you.  I did not anticipate just how packed full of busy my last week would be.  I had a birthday party to throw on Saturday for my son, who turned 4 today!!  It is crazy to think I have a 4-year-old!

Along with a birthday party was a really bad storm two nights ago, thanks to Hurricane Norbert.  There was a ridiculous amount of flooding, and our house got hit by lightning around 5 in the morning.  It fried our modem and knocked out our AC unit.  My husband spent the rest of the day tracking down the last Centurylink-compatible modem within a 30 mile radius.  Ridiculous.  

So, now I have internet again, and am working on finishing up editing and watermarking photos for some polish posts this week!  For now, I wanted to share pictures of the last two You-Pick-My-Art designs, since both never officially had a post!

Two weeks ago you chose "dragon" for the design, and this is what I came up with, inspired a bit by Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent dragon:

I used all metallic acrylic paint for this one over Karma's Kiss "Berry Me Deeply."  I had hoped the detail I put in the wings would stand out more, but the metallics are so powerful that it just buried any sort of detailing.  Lesson learned for next time :P

This last weekend How To Train Your Dragon won the round of voting - funny that I did a dragon two weeks in a row :D  I'm not complaining, I love dragons!  Here's the design:

I'm not exactly too happy with the outcome of this one, mostly because I saw it differently than it turned out in my head.  Hiccup was difficult to do because I just couldn't get his nose right >.<  Oh well, I'll do better next time :)  I painted this design over "Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho!" by Ellagee.

(Both props in the photos are dragon eggs I created, too!)

Have a wonderful day, I will have a polish post for you tomorrow!

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