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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Polish Post: Literary Lacquers Limited Edition Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett Duo

Happy Tuesday, folks!  I hope Monday was alright to you - you're less than 4 days away from the weekend now!  Hooray!!

A few months back, I participated in an awesome Blogiversary giveaway by the equally awesome fellow blogger The Glitzy Geek.  I won one of the prize packs, and in that prize back was the limited edition "Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett" Duo (inspired by Pride and Prejudice) by Literary Lacquers that is exclusive to Gloss 48 (website).  After trying them out last week, I had to show them off you to all, because dang, they're pretty fantastic!

Ladies first - let's start with Miss Bennett:



Miss Bennett is a rosy pink with a subtle holographic effect in the sunlight.  Application is very smooth, the polish leveled out nicely and took only 2 coats for it to be opaque.  The polish dried in under 5 minutes to nice shine.  It's a very lovely color and a perfect vintage pink!

Then there's my favorite - Mr. Darcy!



Wowza!!!  Is he a stunner or what?!  Mr. Darcy is a gorgeous gold polish with flecks of gold glitter and a brilliantly strong holographic effect in the sunlight.  Application was just as smooth with this polish, as well, also taking 2 coats for opacity, and drying in record timing.  You cannot go wrong at all with this polish - it's amazing!  I didn't expect it to be that incredibly intense in the sunlight - it's still intense indoors, too!  Really great color!

It's funny, though.  If you look at this from a literary sense, the polishes don't exactly seem to match their characters - to me, that is.  Mr. Darcy isn't a loud and proud person who shines and stands out in a crowd.  And Miss Bennett is anything but subtle and reserved.  I feel like the polishes oppose their characters a bit.  Do I care?  Heck no, this duo is freakin' amazing!!  I just find it ironic, from a Pride and Prejudice comparison ;)

I have a few links for you of the brand and the site that still offers this duo.

Facebook: Here

Etsy: Here

Instagram: Here

Gloss48 Link to Duo: Here

I hope you enjoyed this post!!  Should have one for you tomorrow, though that is the day I come home from my mini vacation, so I may be a bit busy :P  Until next time! <3


  1. They look great on you! Especially Mr. Darcy! Such an intense holo on his, love it ��

    1. Right?! Crazy intense!! Thanks for giving them to me!! <3

    2. I'm so glad you love them! :)

  2. Mr Darcy is so hubba-hubba!