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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Polish Post: Sassy Polish "Frolicking Fairies," "Candy Clouds," & "Crazy Eyes" Swatches and Review

Well I am back home, safe and sound from my outing :)  Had a lovely time, but it's good to see my boys again ^_^

Sorry for the absence of a post yesterday, I was busy packing, checking out of my hotel, checking in for my flight, and finding my gate in the large airport - and dealing with security thinking my gouda cheese was some sort of weapon.

Since I had no time to do nail art (nor did I pack tools and supplies to do any), instead of another Princess/Villain set I have a fairly new indie polish brand to share with you called Sassy Polish & Scrubs.  I recently purchased a few of polishes by the brand, three of which I am showing you today!
First up - "Frolicking Fairies:"



Frolicking Fairies is a medium blue with lots of purple, white, silver, pinkish, and blue glitters - at least from what I saw :P  The formula is a bit thick (I suspect because it's gotta hold all that glitter), but the color is still a bit thinner.  I used three coats in the picture, though you can still see the whites of my nails - 4 coats ought to make it fully opaque, but it will be thick.  Drying time was under 5 minutes, and the polish dried to a semi shiny finish.  It's a really pretty blue color, and I like that it's more on the subtle side, even with all the glitter.  It sparkles very well in the sun without being "loud" about it.  If you're looking for a pretty, more modest sparkly blue polish, this one is the way to go!  I love the little matching polish ring she included, too ^_^

The second polish is called, "Candy Clouds:"



Candy Clouds is a really pretty pearly white with lots of little purple, blue, green, and silvery glitters.  This polish would look gorgeous in one thin coat underneath matte white French tips :)  Candy Clouds also seems to have the same type of formula and application as Frolicking Fairies.  I am again wearing three coats in the pictures.

Last up is my favorite of the bunch - "Crazy Eyes:"



Crazy Eyes is based off the character "Crazy Eyes" from the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black.  The polish is a beautiful plum purple with a linear holographic effect in the sunlight.  The formula was thinner with this polish than the others, so it was a lot easier to work with.  Three coats made it fully opaque, and it dried to a lovely shiny finish in under 5 minutes.  There was no staining around the cuticles, either, which is also really nice.  The color is beautiful in sunlight with that holographic effect, and a really rich color indoors.  I really like it :)

Overall, I'd say my experience with the polish is pretty good, especially considering this brand is still fairly new.  I will be keeping the brand on my radar for future purchases for sure :)

Here are some social links for you:

Facebook (though it looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, and the etsy website listed is NOT the correct store site): Here

Store: Here

Instagram: Here

Now that I'm back, I will have more posts and nail art for you in the next few days ^_^  And tomorrow is a round of You Pick My Art on my Facebook Page, so keep your eyes peeled!

See you soon <3

*NOTE: All polishes were purchased using no discounts or coupon codes.  Links I provide are NOT affiliate (i.e. I get no kickback when you click a link through my blog).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)

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