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Monday, October 27, 2014

This Is Halloween - You Pick My Art Mummy

I know a lot of people who are super excited that Halloween is this Friday - I'm one of them ^_^  To celebrate, I have decided to upload one (or more!) Halloween-themed designs every day through Friday! :D  Let's start with last Friday's You-Pick-My-Art winner - the mummy!

I used Zoya's "Evvie" for the background color and the rest us freehand painted using acrylic paints.  I wanted to do a mummy that is not your traditional mummy wrapped in bandages and such.  Most mummies actually aren't found wrapped in bandages like that - only Egyptian royalty was really done that way.  I'm pleased with how it turned out!  I wanted it to look like it was crawling out of its coffin/grave, perhaps one that is on display in a museum!  I added a red eye to give it a real creep factor, since every time I tried just black/gray, it looked a little off.  Like I said, I'm pretty happy with it!

Here's a more creative photo, cuz I'm artsy-fartsy like that :P

Have a wonderful Monday, and keep an eye out for another Halloween-themed design tomorrow!  See you soon <3

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