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Friday, October 24, 2014

Princesses and Villains: Cinderella & Evil Stepmother

Oh man, I am so happy it is Friday!!  I've got some Halloween costumes to finish this weekend, as well as lots of nail art :D  Good stuff!

So this is a very awesome post for me in more ways than just nail art - let me tell you why :)  Ice Polish is the very first company to ever send me pre-release polishes to swatch and review.  I was (and still am) a baby blog, and at that time was still trying to paint my nails without making a huge mess - and I was still working on my photo skillz.  For her to have sent me polish meant a lot to me, because it was giving me an opportunity, and I will always be very grateful for her taking a chance on me :)

Mushy stuff aside, let me show you the last Princess/Villain set, which happens to also be the set Ice Polish sent to me to review :)  Coming full circle!  Here is Cinderella and Stepmother:

Cinderella is a beautiful powder blue with a subtle holographic effect in the sunlight.  It is a thin formula, and took 3 coats to make it opaque for me.  Dried in under five minutes to a shiny finish.  Stepmother is a gunmetal grey with a more powerful holographic effect in the sunlight.  It took about 3 coats to make it opaque, as well, and also dried in under 5 minutes to a shiny finish.  Again, another perfect set!

Cinderella and Mulan have been the only two princesses I feel I was able to capture pretty well.  Though, I had to re-paint the skintone on this Cinderella, because what I had done before made her look like a Warhol painting O_o  Lesson learned about using low artificial lightning when painting.  But my Stepmother looks awesome! :D

I'm bummed this is the last set, but had a lot of fun doing these!!  I hope you enjoyed them, too ^_^  Today is Friday, which means another round of You-Pick-My-Art!  We're sticking with a Halloween theme since it is only a week away!  So make sure you check my Facebook Page for this week's options!  See you soon <3

*Note: Cinderella and Stepmother were sent to me as a press sample months ago, NOT for this art.  Links I provide are NOT affiliate (i.e. I do not get a kick back when you click on the through my bog).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)  

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