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Monday, October 13, 2014

Go Ahead, Make My Millennium!

Last Friday was another round of You-Pick-My-Art on my Facebook Page, and the winning theme was Beetlejuice!  Now I will admit - I have only ever seen Beetlejuice once, and it was a looooooong time ago.  I remember enjoying it, and have actually added it to my Netflix queue to watch again ;)

It was tough to come up with a unique design that hasn't been overdone before.  The two most popular posters/pictures out there have already been done (by much better artists than me, too).  So, I decided to come up with one based on my favorite scene from the movie, which happens to be at the end :P

I remember laughing quite a bit when I was kid because of the sound of his voice, and the silly look of the dude with the shrunken head :D  Here is the design I came up with based on this scene - and forgive the amateur art, I'm still trying to get down painting people :P

I could have done the witch doctor on the middle finger and Beetlejuice on the ring, but it would have been practically impossible for me to fit that uber long number on my pinky :P  Plus, the shrinky-head guy is the one that made me laugh as a kid ^_^  The two polish colors I used for the background are "Queen of the Night" on the middle and ring finger, and "Flor de Muerta" by Black Dahlia Lacquer - their Halloween Duo :)

I hope you all enjoyed this art!  What would you like to see for this Friday's theme?

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