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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Glorious Glitter Rain

*Press Release*

Ah, Saturday - such a wonderful feeling to wake up on the first day of the weekend ^_^  This weekend is super busy for me, though.  I have a 5k this morning with my Dad, followed by graduation in Taekwondo to Orange belt, and on Sunday I have my first Archery tournament!  Busy gal, busy gal :D

I have a quick post for you today of nail art I created using three beautiful polishes recently released by the new indie brand Black Dahlia Lacquer.  You may remember the post I recently wrote about two other colors sent to me by the brand.  Well let me tell you, these three colors are just as wonderful as those!  First, let me show you the nail art I created, then I will show you the polishes:

I had the idea to do a kind of "glitter rain" with a silhouette of a woman with an umbrella deflecting some of it.  Turned out rather nicely, I think ^_^  As far as the polishes, I used Japanese Painted Fern (first bottle shot) for the background grey on the nail with the silhouette; I used Basket of Gold (second bottle shot) for the glitter topper; and the final color (third bottle shot) is a lovely mystery mini sent to me that is a light gray polish with a purple flash.  

All three polishes applied very smoothly and evenly.  I did two coats of Japanese Painted Fern to make it completely opaque, then one thick coat of Basket of Gold.  The polish dried very quickly, too, which is always a plus for me.  Another fabulous experience with this indie brand, and I am loving every polish from them thus far!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Frankenstein won for this round of You-Pick-My-Art, so I will come up with something super Vintage-Horror awesome for you!  See you soon <3

*Note: These polishes were purchased using a special discount code created for me by the Black Dahlia Lacquer company.  While given a discount, my opinions of the polish are in no way swayed and are ALWAYS 100% honest.  Links I provide in this post are NOT affiliate (i,e, I get no kickback when you click on them).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)


  1. Basket of Gold is gorgeous! I love the art you did as well. <3

  2. This is lovely! Did you hand draw the silhouette? Basket of gold is my favorite our of these three, but they work wonderfully together!