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Monday, October 6, 2014

Polish Post: Model City Polish "Here Lies..." and "Once Bitten" Swatches, Review, and Nail Art

Good Monday, my lovelies!  I know I usually post my You-Pick-My-Art today, but I wanted to share with you a quick review of two awesome polishes first, because they are re-stocking today, and I wouldn't want you to miss out!!

We all know how much I adore the brand Model City Polish :)  So of course, when she came out with new Halloween colors, I snatched up a few!  Well, my hubby did for me - when they launched I was on a plane headed back home ;)  What a good husband :D

One of the three new polishes I purchased is called Here Lies... - check it out!



And of course, I couldn't resist a little nail art ;)

Here Lies is a lovely grey crelly with black and white flake glitters - and this one is scented!!  She offered scents this time as an option for your polish, the scent for this one is an Earthy/floral scent.  If you are familiar with Renaissance festivals, and frequent them like me, imagine the smell inside the clothing booths - that woodsy incense smell is almost identical to this polish's scent.  It's really lovely :)

Application was a dream, as usual!  I used 3 coats to make it completely opaque, and it dried to a shiny finish, as seen above in the photos (no topcoat was used).  It dried fairly quickly in under five minutes, too, which is always convenient.  

The other polish I purchased is Once Bitten:



Of course there's nail art for this one, too!

Once bitten is a gorgeous deep red crelly with gold fleck glitters and a subtle scattered holo, and comes with the option of Caramel Apple scent.  I got the scented in this one, too, and it smells glorious!  

Application was nice and smooth, though I did find this one remained a bit tacky for quite a while - like, an hour or so :-/  Not sure if it was because I had 3 layers, or if it is a formula thing, or if the scent did it, but it is something to consider.  A simple solution is a quick-dry topcoat (that will also add a nice shine to it - I added a topcoat in my photos), and the best part?  The topcoat does NOT cover up the scent!  Well, mine didn't, and I used the hardcore HK Girl "Glisten and Glow" topcoat.  Other than than the tackiness, it was perfect!  Just love that smell :)

She has just re-stocked her website, and has also added a lot of colors that will be discontinued to her clearance section.  She has also added some new scents to her Cuticle oils that I highly recommend - like caramel ^_^  Here are links to her shop and her social pages:

Shop:  Here

Facebook:  Here

Blog:  Here

Instagram: Here

I hope you all survive your Monday!  I will be posting a picture of last week's You-Pick-My-Art winner this afternoon on my Facebook Page, and will possibly have a blog post about it tomorrow :)  See you soon! <3

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