Friday, October 3, 2014

Press Release: Black Dahlia "Ocean Hydrangea" and "Bells of Ireland" Swatches & Review


Today, a new indie company called Black Dahlia Lacquer officially launched their new line of polish!!  I am one of the very lucky people to have received press samples for review, and I am just so excited to share them with you today!!

Before we dive into the beauties, let me tell you a bit about the company.  Straight from the mouth of one of the owners, Deanna Morey, "Black Dahlia Lacquer showcases our love of polish through bright colors and textures.  We've worked hard to develop nail lacquers that will appeal to all women - from those that prefer more conservative neutrals to full-coverage gold glitter and bright blue holographic polish for more adventurous clients.  We are confident that our customers will love our polish as much as we loved creating them."

There are 3 collections releasing - The Essentials, with 6 neutrals; Hanging on to Summer, with 6 bright colored lacquers; and Fall 2014, with 12 rich, fall colored polishes.  There are cremes, shimmers, full-coverage glitters, even holos in these collections!  As the other owner, Aubrey Sheffield, says of the polish, "Our collections celebrate rich colors and textures, particularly our Fall collection.  Our three collections offer something for everyone."

Boy, with all this talk of amazing polishes, you must be itching to see the ones I have for you!!  Alright, I won't keep you waiting any longer :)  The first polish I will show you comes from the Fall 2014 Collection and is called "Ocean Hydrangea."



Ocean Hydrangea is "a cornflower blue creme with blue and gold microflakies." The polish dried to a satin/semi-gloss finish in just over 5 minutes, and was opaque in 3 coats.

The second polish to show you comes from the Hanging on to Summer Collection and is called, "Bells of Ireland."



Bells of Ireland is a "bright green full-coverage glitter with hints of small blue and silver glitter."  This polish dried to a textured finish in under 5 minutes, and is shown in 2 coats over Ocean Hydrangea in the pictures above.  One generous coat (or two thin coats) of clear topcoat will even out the glitter and cover up the texture.

The Ups: First, I'd like to point out that in the pictures, I'm holding their mini sized.  That's right - MINI!  8ml is their mini size, which is really, really fantastic to me!  The minis also have a flat brush instead of the usual round brush found in most minis.  I love, love, love everything about their minis - and they are the absolute best I've come across yet!

Now, let's talk about the polishes!  Application for Ocean Hydrangea was super smooth.  The polish self-leveled and didn't pool around the cuticles.  It also did not thicken or pull the polish underneath with each added layer.  Bells of Ireland, being a glitter bomb, did not clump together upon application.  It also leveled out nicely and spread evenly.  I found two coats gave really nice coverage, though if you are wearing it solo, I think three coats would get rid of any naked spots.

The Downs: The only feature of the polish I found that could be considered a "down" is the dry time.  I found that while it was dry to the light touch in under five minutes, it took longer than five minutes to be immune to any sort of imprint from pressure.  A quick-dry topcoat should fix this issue.

Overall:  Black Dahlia Lacquer will make huge waves, and will quickly sit among the best of indies!  The formula, application, color, everything is fantastic with this polish.  You all know I tell you the truth about polishes, and I never pull punches.  When I say this brand is amazing, I mean it!  No smoke - it's wonderful!

You would be wise to order some of these polishes for yourself!  It is $6.00 for most of the 8ml minis, and $9.50 for most of the 14ml full sizes.  Some of the polishes (mostly the holos) are $6.75 for minis and $10.75 for full sizes.  Here are links for you of the store and social pages:

Main Store: Here

Etsy Shop: Here

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

If you look on their Facebook page, there is a coupon code for 10% off any order through October 10th!  Take advantage of the discount and order yourself some beauties!!  You won't regret it!

*NOTE: These polishes were sent as a press release to swatch and review.  My reviews are 100% honest, I never sway facts or opinions.  Links I provide are NOT affiliate (i.e. I get no kickback if you click on them through my blog).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)

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