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Friday, October 31, 2014

This Is Halloween - Movie Inspired

Happy Halloween!!!  I hope you all have some fun plans tonight, whether that be trick or treating, passing out candy, going to a party, or just chillin' at home :D  I will be taking my boys trick or treating, and this is the first time for my youngest!!

The theme for the final day of this awesome nail art challenge is Movie Inspired.  I went with Corpse Bride, because while it is not technically about Halloween or centered around it, it is a spooky film that is super fitting for Halloween.  C'mon, it's Tim Burton!!  Most of his stuff is definitely Halloween worthy.  Here is the design I came up with:

I wanted to see the difference in it if I did a matte topcoat, and I gotta say, I actually like it a lot better.  Here's what it looks like:

What do you think?

I'm pretty pleased with it.  She had a LOT of detail to put in her face and hair, it took me a little longer to complete her.  But in the end, I'm happy :)  This whole challenge was a LOT of fun!!  I hope you've enjoyed all the fantastic nail art, too ^_^  Below is are more blog posts on today's theme by the other lovely talented ladies in this group.  Check them out!

Have a wonderful (and safe!) evening!!  See you soon <3


  1. Wow, these are incredible! Fantastic detail! I like the matte better as well, although the shiny is really great too :)

  2. I agree with what Rachel said 100% The detail are amazing, and the matte version is def better!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, I favor the matte, too :)

  3. This is so well doone! You got some skillz there!!!