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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Press Release: Karma's Kiss Lacquer Fall Collection - Part 1


Happy Hump Day to you all!  I feel like it's been forever since my last blog post - apologies for the absence :(  Let me make it up to you by giving you a post packed full of gorgeous, brand spankin' new polishes releasing TODAY by the brand Karma's Kiss Lacquer!  These polishes are just HALF of her collection, and after trying these out, I'm very excited to see the second half :D

Karma's Kiss sent me the first half of her Fall collection to swatch and review for her.  Let me tell you, I am so very honored she asked me to do this, not just because this is the first time I've been asked to review a collection, but because she trusted me to get her some killer pics.  I have the warm fuzzies ^_^   Alrighty, let's get started!!

Caution: I will not be held responsible if the sheer beauty of these polishes temporarily blinds you ;)

The first polish I will show you is called, "Berry Me Deeply:"



Berry Me Deeply is (as its name states) a light pink berry jelly with lots of micro glitters and a nice scattered holographic twinkle in the sunlight.  Opaque in 3 coats, it dries (to the touch) in less than 5 minutes to a nice shine, so no topcoat is necessary.

The Ups: Besides the fact that this color is soooo very pretty, my favorite thing about this polish is that it doesn't stain!!  I saved swatching this color for last because I thought it may stain, as most polishes I've dealt with in this color do.  I was so very pleased to see that was not the case with this one :D  Unlike most jellies, this polish was not super thick, which made application nice and smooth.  I also love the sparkle in Berry Me Deeply.  I wish my camera did a better job catching it, because it really does shimmer something fierce, even inside!

The Downs:  As with most jellies, since I had to applicate 3 layers to make it opaque, it was a bit sensitive to pressure for longer than the amount of time it took to dry on the surface.  It had chipped on my thumb less than 10 minutes after putting it on, but that was also my careless fault for not paying attention after putting on fresh polish :P

Next up is "Fall to Your Leaves."



"Fall to Your Leaves" is a brown, almost purple linear holographic polish.  The color is opaque in 2 coats and dries to a semi-flat finish in less than five minutes - a topcoat is necessary for an added shine.

The Ups: If you're looking for a purplish brown holographic polish, you've definitely found it!  The holographic effect is so powerful it's even evident indoors!  It also stands out *without* needing a topcoat, and that's pretty impressive to me.  You know I love me a good, loud and proud holo ;)  Application was very smooth and thin, and totally dry to the touch as well as any kind of pressure in less than 5 minutes.  The color is also very unique to me, as I have never seen a color that makes me think, "Is it brown, or purple?"  It's right on the edge, and unlike any other color I've come across yet.

The Downs: While application was nice and smooth, if you do not applicate in the same direction, you can get streaks.  Just make sure your brush strokes are all going the same way, and you're golden :)

The third polish is called, "Midnight Rendezvous."

"Midnight Rendezvous" is a black jelly based glitter bomb.  It is packed with holographic and dark blue hexagonal and micro glitters.  Shown above is 3 layers with no base color, and 2 layers of a clear topcoat to level out most of the texture from the glitter.

The Ups:  This polish is another eye-catcher in direct sunlight.  Those blue hex glitters really caught the light well, and complement the dark base color.  I was very pleased to see this was a glitter polish that didn't seem to "eat" the topcoat I applied, too, and was mostly smooth after two coats.

The Downs:  The glitter tended to clump together during application.  Luckily, it spread out nicely with some extra encouragement from my brush, and didn't thicken up.  It also took a bit longer to withstand pressure without damage, but that comes with most, if not ALL glitter polishes, because they are so thick.

The fourth polish I have for you is called, "Poison Thy Ivy."



"Poison Thy Ivy" is a forest green color with micro glitter and a scattered holographic effect.  This polish is dry in under five minutes, opaque in 2-3 coats (depending on how thick your layers are), and dries to a shiny finish requiring no topcoat.

The Ups:  Poison Thy Ivy is my second favorite of the new polishes.  The color is just gorgeous!!  I LOVE that deep green, and I love the amount of sparkle in it!  Indoors it's undertoned, which is good because the color is so lovely, I'd rather it stand out.  Outdoors it sparkles like nobody's business!  There was no staining, either, with cleanup and removal, which is always nice.  I also love that I didn't need to add any kind of top coat to it.  Such a great polish!

The Downs:  The only down I could find with this polish is that if you apply it in thicker layers, it will take a bit longer to be undamaged by any kind of pressure, unless you add a quick-dry topcoat like HK Girl Glisten & Glow.

And last, but most certainly not least, is "The Little Liar."



"The Little Liar" is a dark purple polish with purple micro glitters and a blue colorshift.  Opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on how thick it is applied, this color dries to a shiny finish in under 5 minutes.

The Ups: The Little Liar is my absolute favorite of the bunch!  I mean, just look at it!!!  It is such a stunner!  The color is gorgeous indoors, and brilliant outdoors.  The formula for this polish is great, because it was dry to the touch and undaunted by pressure in under five minutes.  I love that it is so very shiny on its own, too.  Application was super smooth - I did 3 thin coats to achieve opacity.  There was also no staining whatsoever.  Love it.  Love love love it!  This is a must-purchase color!

The Downs:  Well, there'  Heh, I can't think of anything.  Seriously, not a thing.  Not blowing smoke, either, there's seriously nothing I personally found wrong or unlikable about this polish.

Overall:  These colors are fantastic!  The issues I came across are issues commonly seen with most of those types of polishes, so none of them came as a shock.  The polishes are of great color and quality, and worth every penny invested in them!

That being said, here are some media links for you of Karma's Kiss Lacquer's social sites and store:

Shop: Here

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

The second half of her Fall Collection will release within the next few weeks, and I am told a portion of them will be more Halloween themed - which is super exciting!  I have also been informed, since Halloween happen's to be the owner's birthday, there *may* be a special Limited Edition birthday polish available!  How exciting :D

I hope you all enjoyed this (rather lengthy) post, and pick up a few - or all! - of these colors today!!  You won't be disappointed ;)  See you all very soon! <3

*NOTE: While I was given these polishes to swatch, my review is not skewed and is completely, 100% honest.  Also, the links I provide for you are NOT affiliate (i.e., I get no kick back when you click on them through my blog post).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)

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