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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Polish Post: Gothic Gala Lacquers "Moon Over Paradise," "Vallis Sanguine," and "Starling" Swatches and Review

I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a smoking discount from the indie brand Gothic Gala Lacquers a few weeks ago, and was able to make a rather large purchase without complete hurting my bank account ;)  I bought 6 colors and was given a FULL SIZE mystery freebie, for under $50 - shipping included.  Jealous yet?  Just wait...  I have 3 of those lovely polishes to show you today!

First up, we have "Moon Over Paradise:"
Outdoors, Indirect Sunlight (darn you, storm clouds!!)

Pardon the tiny air bubbles in this macro - they are NOT from the polish, they are from the crappy topcoat I used (that has now been banished from my collection).

I've been on a glitter-jelly kick lately, dunno what's come over me.  I usually stay away from them because generally, they're not only a pill to applicate, but an even bigger one to remove.  I'm glad I strayed from my usual mindset with this one, though, because it's pretty sweet!

Moon Over Paradise (the version I purchased - there is a choice between black and grey), is a black jelly base with red moons, purple dots and hexes, and a light purple/lavender diamond glitter.  Application wasn't too bad, though I found the larger pieces of glitter needed more persuading to spread out than the others.  I used three coats over my bare nail and felt that made it pretty opaque.  As with most jellies, dry time was a bit longer, so I put on 2 layers of a (crappy) quick-dry topcoat to also even it out.  Because I had 3 thick layers, I had to be pretty tender in handling anything after applying, but after about 10 minutes or so, it was all good.  It's definitely one of the easier glitter bomb jellies I have dealt with yet, and it is really pretty!!

Next up is "Vallis Sanguine:"

Outdoors in Direct Sunlight


You all know by now how I feel about holos, so this one was impossible to pass by.  And besides, I didn't have this particular shade in a holo polish yet.  So there! :P

Vallis Sanguine is a beautiful purple/burgundy color with an amazing linear holo shine in the sunlight.  Despite being a red-based polish, I had no issues with staining - none!  Gotta love that!  Application was nice and smooth, and I put on 3 coats in the pictures above with no topcoat.  Dries very quickly to a semi-flat finish.  It's such a lovely shade indoors and outdoors!!  It is a perfect color for Fall, too :)

Last but not least is the gorgeous Limited Edition "Starling:"



This polish made my jaw drop when I pulled it out of the box.  It is so much more sparkly in person than I could ever hope to capture on camera, and the colors are soooooo rich!!  By far my favorite polish by this brand, and the fact it is a limited edition and there are still a few left in her shop is astounding.  You need to get on this quick before they are gone - seriously!!

Starling is a gorgeous green and purple mutlichrome with blue and pink microflakie glitters.  Application was really smooth, and took 3 coats for it to be completely opaque.  The polish dries to a shiny finish (no topcoat used in the pics above) in under 5 minutes.  There was no staining with this polish, either, though I haven't really come across any chrome type that does.  This color is so deep and eye catching, it is definitely one to add to any collection, and another one perfect for this Fall season!

NOW are you jealous?  Because you totally should be.  I wouldn't blame you, at all ;)

I am very impressed with these three polishes by this new-to-me brand, and will most definitely be keeping it on my radar!  You would be wise to keep Gothic Gala Lacquers on yours, as well :)  Here are some links to help you do that:

Facebook: Here

Store: Here

Instagram: Here

Well I hope you enjoyed this polish post!  I have a new one I'm working on that will be part of a series for you - I think you will like it :D  Have a wonderful Wednesday!! <3

*Note: Polishes were purchased using a publicly offered discount code.  Links I provide are NOT affiliate (i.e. I get no kickback when you click on them through my post).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)