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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Princesses and Villains: Ariel and Ursula

The indie polish brand Ice Polish launched a "Happily Ever After...Not If I Can Help It!" princess/villain line of polishes.  I had the pleasure of reviewing Cinderella and Stepmother a while back as a pre-release.  After she launched the full line, I snagged all the rest that I didn't have, because they are so beautiful!!  Ice Polish is one of my favorite indies because she has one of the best formulas I have come across.  In the pics I'm about to show you, I've been wearing the polish for 4 days with no wear, tear, chips, or any kind of damage.  It's a darn good polish!

So after acquiring all the princess/villain duos, I decided to do something fun with all of them!  I wanted to hand paint each princess and villain on top of their corresponding nail polishes.  I am going to try to post one set a week for you for until all 6 sets are done.

Without further ado, here is the first duo: Ariel and Ursula!

As you can see, Ariel is a beautiful coral pink color with a light holographic effect in the sunlight and very subtle light green (the color of her tail) micro flakies.  Ursula is a dark, almost metallic purple, also with a holographic effect, and dark purple micro flakies.  Both were opaque in 2 coats, dried under a minute to a semi-flat finish.  

I gotta say, I love how my Ursula turned out!!  Pretty happy with that one ^_^  I didn't intend to make Ariel's neck look so pencil-like, it just happened that way when I was trying to paint her hair to look like it was flowing in front of it.  Oh well :P 

Both polishes (to my knowledge) will be available for purchase in a few weeks when the shop re-opens.  In the mean time, I have Belle/Gaston, Cinderella/Stepmother, Mulan/Shan Yu, Aurora/Maleficent, and Jasmine/Jafar left to paint for you! :)

Which princess/villain duo do you want to see next week?