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Monday, September 29, 2014

Polish Post: Knockout Lacquer "Bridger Blue" and "It's All Over" Swatches and Review

Hello all!  I've got a pretty fun indie polish to show you this lovely Monday called Knockout Lacquer.  I'd recently ordered a charity polish and another really gorgeous polish from this brand, and loved them so much I just had to share them with you!!  Let's get right to it!

First up we have a charity polish called, "Bridger Blue:"



Rather than trying to put the description in my own words, I'll paste here what's posted in the description on the website for the polish, "Sacha and Preston recently welcomed their third little boy into their lives. Unfortunately, Bridger was born with tetrology of fallot with pulmonary atresia. He received his first heart surgery at 4 days old, and will need more surgeries in the future. Sacha has been separated from her two other boys while she stays in Minnesota to be close to Bridger, and it just kills her. I created "Bridger Blue" in honor of the toughest fighter that I know! I will be offering this exclusive custom color as a fundraiser. 90% of the proceeds from each bottle sold will be donated to the Bolstad family to assist with hospital bills and expenses. "Bridger Blue" is a robins egg blue with a subtle scattered holographic shimmer that will remind you of a beautiful baby boy. A beautiful baby boy who is fighting a battle every day. Thank you for your support in this cause that is so dear to my heart. -Ashley at Knockout Lacquer"

I mean whoa, what a heart-wrenching story, especially as a mom :(  Good cause aside, this polish really is awesome!  The application was super smooth, really nice formula that wasn't too thick or thin and spread out evenly without flooding my cuticles.  The polish also dried in under 5 minutes to a shiny finish.  It's really pretty outside when the sun catches those holographic glitters.  Great polish all around!

The other stunner I have to show you is called "It's All Over:"



The dork in me was really excited to use my Taekwondo gloves for this pic ^_^  Don't judge me...

Now I've had some reds so far - solid colored, holographic, sparkly - but this red really takes the cake.  It's All Over totally owns the Knockout brand!  Two coats to bring it to opacity, it's jam-packed full of holographic and red sparkles, dries to a shiny finish in under 5 minutes, and looks KILLER!  This polish is an all-around WIN!  And quite possibly the best quality?  No staining, at least for me.  I would definitely recommend taking a precaution and putting down a good quality base coat, just to be certain, and use something really strong to clean up around the cuticles - like, 100% acetone strong.  But you cannot go wrong with this polish - it's fan-freakin'-tastic!

Here are some social links for you to follow and keep up to date with Knockout Lacquer:

Facebook:  Here

Shop:  Here

Instagram: Here

Hope you all have a wonderful day - see you soon! <3

*NOTE: Links I provide are NOT affiliate (i.e. I get no kickback if you click on one through my blog).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)


  1. Bridger Blue is so pretty! Great swatches! :)